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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Ryan Doetch is a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter, outstanding classroom teacher, and the 2013 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics. Ryan is known around the world as an exemplar teacher for teaching mathematics to elementary students. He is also well known for having a wealth of ideas to enhance instruction, motivate student learning and improve student achievement. Ryan’s expertise, practicality and humor keep his sessions fast-moving, enjoyable and packed with tips and tools that you can use in your own interventions and classrooms.

Drawing from his daily classroom experiences, Ryan’s seminar is filled with highly effective strategies, ideas, and tips you can use immediately to support students in the RTI process. Ryan understands and knows how to unlock success in math for all students. In his free time, Ryan trains and educates teachers, interventionists, curriculum specialists, and administrators from around the world on the best practical ideas for making mathematics instruction successful for all learners.

Ryan is the author of Response to Intervention: Practical Strategies for Intervening With Students Before They Fall Too Far Behind in MATH (Grades 1-5), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Ryan’s knowledge, experience and expertise in math translate into a seminar that is jam-packed with great ideas you will want to use immediately!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This is the first seminar I have attended that addresses the needs of intervention teachers and gave practical strategies and ideas that can be used immediately with students.”

“Ryan showed me how to take the fear out of math so my students can start being successful.”

“This presentation will help make my teaching in math become more interactive and engaging. It was great to see a presenter with high enthusiasm for teaching math.”

“I can tell why Ryan won the Presidential Award for teaching math! I can’t wait to use these ideas tomorrow!

“I took this seminar to learn about ways to support students in the RTI process and Ryan’s presentation exceeded my expectations. I have tools I can use immediately with my students.”

“I love that Ryan is a classroom teacher and can relate to our needs. I appreciate his willingness to share his materials with us. I can see why Ryan is an award winning teacher.”

“Ryan is so knowledgeable about the RTI process and how to help make math an easy subject to teach. I can hardly wait to see the impact his ideas and resources will have on my students.

“I felt my own brain grow today. I feel like I can go back into my classroom and successfully support my kids who need extra help.

Ryan is a great instructor who is very patient. Ryan really knows the material and goes over it at the pace of the group. He is an outstanding instructor.”

“I am a brand new teacher and I thought this day was absolutely fabulous. I learned so many ideas that I can use immediately in my classroom!”

“I can’t wait to take what I have learned from Ryan and improve my interventions and math instruction.”

“This seminar was everything it said it was, engaging, practical, useful, interactive, and dynamic! Ryan is one of those presenters who makes every minute worth being there.”

“Ryan did a wonderful job and moved at a great pace, while keeping us engaged. I am looking forward to sharing his resources with students.