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Ann Elise Record is an enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable presenter who is passionate about creating positive, successful math lessons for ALL students. Experienced as a classroom teacher and math specialist, Ann Elise has worked extensively with students, teachers, interventionists, special educators, pre-service teachers, and parents.

Having used all of the assessments, strategies and resources extensively in classrooms, she has seen the effectiveness of these innovative ideas first-hand. She is a vibrant presenter whose excitement for teaching mathematics is contagious! Ann Elise is the author of Strengthening Your Students’ Success in MATH: New, Innovative Strategies to DIFFERENTIATE Math Instruction (Grades 3-6).

Ann Elise’s seminars are extremely practical and filled with research-based activities and assessments you can implement immediately to create confident, positive, flexible young mathematicians.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Ann Elise is very knowledgeable in math. Her research and hard work are very evident in her innovative strategies.”
Kerry Gardner, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Thanks to Ann Elise, I learned many new strategies to take back to my classroom.”
MaryAnn Hoffmann, Teacher

“Ann Elise is insightful and informative.”
Mysti Williams-Vakkas, Teacher

“Ann Elise gave us so many incredible activities and resources. I am excited to take what I learned back to my school and use it with my students.”
Jessica Polikoff, Math Specialist

“Ann Elise presented a wonderful seminar! I can use many of the activities in the classroom tomorrow. I can’t wait to implement many of the strategies and new games. So many ways to make math fun!”
Jill Sheldon, Teacher

“There were so many great ideas that Ann Elise shared that can be easily applied immediately in our classrooms.”
Mariah Rizas, Interventionist

“I am a math specialist and have been in education for 15 years and Ann Elise presented the most effective and relevant seminar I’ve ever attended. I would highly recommend any educator to attend.”
Kelly Crocco, Math Specialist

“Excellent seminar! Well planned and executed. I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge and resources. Would love to attend more seminars by Ann Elise.”
Jillian Morse, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Just wonderful! Ann Elise has a wealth of knowledge and has forever changed the way I teach math!”
Ann Benzo, Math Teacher