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One of the Nation’s Foremost Experts in the Field

Beatrice Moore Luchin is an outstanding teacher and a delightful presenter. She has devoted her entire career to helping all students find success in mathematics. In demand as a speaker at state and national conferences, she has provided teachers across the country with practical strategies for teaching students struggling in mathematics.

She is a former member of the Board of Directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and is the co-author of Algebra I, Algebra II, and Mathematics Applications and Connections Courses 1, 2 and 3. She is also the author of Providing the READING AND WRITING SKILLS Essential to Meeting HIGH MATHEMATICS STANDARDS and Powerful Strategies for Narrowing the Achievement Gap in Mathematics (Grades 3-8), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Beatrice genuinely cares about children and is passionate about the teaching of mathematics. You will find her seminars fast-paced, fun and filled with practical ideas you can immediately implement in your classroom program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Everything I learned in today’s seminar will be extremely beneficial for my struggling math students! Bea is a wonderful presenter – thorough and informative.”
– Samantha Fandacone, Remedial Math Teacher

“I learned many new strategies that I will definitely use in my classroom!”
– Jean Scavella, Math Support Teacher

“Lots of valuable strategies that I will use in my classroom ASAP!”
– Erica Barone, 7th Grade Math Teacher

“I’m leaving with a wealth of useful strategies that I will be able to incorporate into my daily teaching.”
– Stefan Kowalski, Grades 3-5 Math Teacher

“Bea offered practical strategies to address the achievement gap in mathematics. Most of the strategies will be easily implemented.”
– Kathleen Krell, K-6 Math Specialist

“The best compliment that I can offer is – I wish Bea had been my teacher in 7th/8th grades!
– Lauren Dokas, 7th-8th Grades Math Teacher

“This seminar is powerful! Just great ideas and techniques to help me as a teacher of mathematics! I can’t wait until tomorrow to start using these wonderful strategies.”
– Tonya Mathews, 6th-8th Grades Math Teacher

So very informative and helpful! All math teachers should attend this seminar.”
– Tiffany Thomas, Math Teacher

“Bea is fantastic! I love how she used experiences with her own students. She has a great sense of humor as well.”
– Kristi Denning, Special Education Teacher

“Great presenter and practical ideas! It is very evident that Bea has a deep understanding of mathematics!”
– Beth Haynes, Title I Math Teacher

Excellent examples that can be implemented immediately to enhance classroom structure and student learning. Bea has the math background that covers all the different grades – something for all!”
– Carolyn Arline, Mathematics Specialist

“Bea provided specific strategies and realistic approaches that are invaluable. I’m already thinking about all the ways to differentiate my instruction for my math learners.”
– Alicia Mutter, 8th Grade Math Teacher

“This is what I have been waiting for! Bea is by far the most interesting presenter I have seen. She provided lots of new, innovative strategies that I am eager to employ!”
– Jennifer Petrin, Math Teacher

“Lots of great ideas to improve instructional practices! I can’t wait to implement these new strategies!”
– Barbara Carey, Math Teacher

“Excellent program! Bea offered fantastic, easy-to-implement strategies with examples she has experienced.”
– Misty D’Amico, Teacher