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Gale Pukall is an experienced primary classroom teacher who advocates and incorporates literature and writing in her daily math lessons. She is a National Board Certified Teacher who designs her lessons on the NCTM Standards and uses a variety of strategies to increase her students’ success with basic math facts. She is the author of Practical Methods for Teaching MATH FACTS and NUMBER SENSE (Grades K‑3), the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Gale’s seminars are fast‑paced and full of practical, classroom‑tested strategies that are easy to implement in any K‑3 classroom. Join Gale for a day filled with innovative and practical ways to increase your students’ understanding and use of emergent math skills and concepts.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“What a practical hands‑on seminar! All Gale’s ideas can easily be passed on to our teachers for immediate use in their classrooms. It was easy to relate to Gale; she’s been there – done that!”
– Kelly Rosario, Grades K‑5 Math Specialist

“Gale provided us with numerous, hands‑on activities to foster development of critical math skills at all levels. The hands‑on materials at the table made her lessons both memorable and fun.”
– Barbara Shepsko, 1st Grade Teacher

“Wow! Thanks for providing ideas that I can take right back and use in my classroom with very little prep time!”
– Valerie Schalk, Kindergarten Teacher

“I’ve been teaching for 31 years and I still came away with lots of great ideas!”
– Kandy Palmeri, 2nd Grade Teacher

“The day flew by. Gale was full of fun and practical ideas for supplementing our ‘regular’ math program.”
– Leigh Ashbrook, 2nd Grade Teacher

“What a terrific seminar! After 18 years of teaching math, it was refreshing to learn new strategies and ideas for teaching math skills and concepts.”
– Dianne Forgione, 1st Grade Teacher

“Today’s seminar was money well spent! I’m leaving with many fun and educational ideas I can implement right away.”
– Denise Wittig, Teacher

“Awesome seminar! So many ideas I can start using tomorrow!”
– Carly Saal, Title I Teacher

“This was a great seminar. It was very organized and precise. The handouts and resources were excellent! Gale did a wonderful job!”
– Lynn Pasek, 2nd Grade Teacher

“This was a wonderful day! Gale was excellent! I can’t wait to get back to school to try all the ideas.”
– Judy Gehring, 2nd Grade Teacher

“The seminar was great! Gale presented many great, new games and strategies to try in my classroom.”
– Christine Potter, Grades 1‑4 Math AIS