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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Mary Peterson is an enthusiastic, intermediate level teacher with over 27 years of teaching experience. She is an expert in implementing powerful math instruction and independent practice in the classroom.

Mary is the author of two professional books from Scholastic: Extra Practice Math Centers: Addition, Subtraction and More and Extra Practice Math Centers: Multiplication, Division and More. She is also the author of Keeping Students Actively Engaged in Math Activities While You Teach Small Groups (Grades 3?6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Mary presents seminars that are fast?paced, inspiring and, above all, practical.

You will leave this seminar with a wealth of math ideas, strategies and activities you can use immediately in your classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

So many great ideas that are easy to create and use! I really loved the no? or low?cost and hands?on aspects of the seminar as well.”
- Beth Fraser, 6th Grade Teacher

“Thank you, Mary, for all the great math ideas! I loved the websites and resource handbook materials too.”
- Jeanne Cota, 4th/5th Grade Teacher

“Great seminar! Super ideas and materials!
- Rob McGough, 4th Grade Teacher

“What a wealth of ideas to make math fun!”
- Brianne Collins, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Many outstanding, interactive, differentiated possibilities for all classroom situations!”
- Jaimee Boehme, Special Education Teacher

“Wonderful seminar! I have learned lots of great math activities and games!”
- Nancy Thompson, 6th Grade Teacher

Great ideas! Thank you, Mary! I’m ready to get started tomorrow!”
- Karin Eggleston, 4th Grade Teacher

“Thank you, Mary! I enjoyed everything - especially receiving valuable ideas and strategies I can use immediately!”
- Qiana Owens, Special Education Teacher

“Thank you, Mary, for all the wonderful ideas! I’m excited about using these activities and games to help support my higher students while I work with my struggling students in small groups.”
- Melanie Neilsen, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Very informative and well done! Lots of ready?to?use materials to take back to the classroom and use.”
- Mary Ann Pittman, Math Tutor

“Fantastic! I’m so excited about teaching math and letting my students have fun! The activities were simple, but Mary gave us enough information to easily do them.”
- Theresa Hill, 5th Grade Teacher