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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Lee Anne Coester brings a wealth of teaching experience to her seminars. In her 30 years of teaching mathematics, she has been a K-8 remedial math teacher, a classroom math teacher, a middle school math teacher, and a college math methods instructor who has received her college’s Outstanding Education Faculty Award four times. In her own words, “I love teaching math!” Over the years, her passion for mathematics has led her to search for the best, most practical ideas and strategies for helping students learn mathematics successfully. All the ideas she presents are ones that have worked for her with her students.

Lee Anne presents staff development workshops across the United States, has served on her state’s Mathematics Advisory Board, has completed her doctoral program in math education, and has been listed in Who’s Who Among American Educators multiple times. She has written a number of articles for math publications and is the author of Differentiating Mathematics Instruction: Practical Activities and Strategies for Diverse Classrooms (Grades 3-7). Lee Anne is also the author of Strengthening Math Computation and Problem Solving Skills: Differentiated Instructional Strategies For Reaching All Students in Your Classroom (Grades 4-8), the comprehensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Lee Anne has spoken at numerous state and national math conferences to appreciative audiences. She is known for keeping her presentations fast-paced, her attendees actively involved and her ideas practical and ready for immediate use.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“What a great seminar! I can’t wait to use these helpful and practical ideas for teaching mathematics.”
– Jackie Shipley, Special Education Teacher

“Wow! Lots of great ideas that I can take back and use in my classroom now!”
– Dianna Anderson, 5th Grade Teacher

“Lee Anne is fabulous! I can’t wait to use these practical strategies!”
– Kristin Acklin, 7th Grade Teacher

“I love all the practical, hands-on information and activities! I will treasure the resource handbook!”
– Ann Little, Title I Math

“Wonderful seminar! I’m leaving with so many practical, ready-to-use ideas that will help my students better understand math.”
– Jennifer Larson, 5th Grade Teacher

“Thank you, Lee Anne, for providing such practical, useful ideas for immediate use in my classroom! Your enthusiasm and ability to hold my attention all day were amazing!”
– Sherry Spencer, 6th Grade Math Teacher

“Lee Anne is so knowledgeable and passionate about mathematics! Outstanding!”
– Emily Lamere, 4th Grade Teacher

So many great ideas! Lee Anne is terrific!”
– Cathy Gieselman, 6th-8th Grade Remedial Math Teacher

“Yippee! Lots of fun, stress-free, practical ideas all ready to use tomorrow!”
– Tina Sides, 4th Grade Teacher

“Lee Anne is a creative person who has a student’s heart and a love of fun! She offers low-cost, simple-to-understand activities that result in real learning.”
– Marci Brunner, 6th Grade Math Teacher

“Outstanding! I can’t believe all the great, easy ideas that Lee Anne was able to share with us!”
– Melissa Lenger, 6th Grade Math Teacher

“As a seasoned math teacher, I was very excited and pleased to learn so many new strategies and games to help teach math computation to my students. Most of everything that Lee Anne shared with us can easily be adapted to any grade level and across the standard. I’m leaving today with over a dozen ready‑to-use ideas for tomorrow’s lesson!”
– Angie Patterson, Math Specialist