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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

National board certified teacher Kitty Morgan is an acclaimed teacher, national presenter and a past Alabama Secondary Teacher of the Year. With over 15 years of experience at the secondary level, she has taught courses ranging from Algebra I to AP Calculus. As a mathematics teacher, Kitty is not afraid to try new things and share the results with colleagues.

She has written numerous math games and songs and is the author of Best, Current Strategies for Increasing Student Learning in Your Algebra II, Trigonometry, Advanced Math, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus Classes (Grades 7-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Her philosophy is “if you find something that works, you must share it with others.” Because of this, Kitty is in great demand at conferences both locally and nationally.

Kitty is known for her enthusiasm and energy in the classroom and in her seminars, and believes you can have fun while teaching the concepts in algebra and calculus. Join Kitty for a day filled with innovative activities and strategies you can use immediately in your mathematics program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Kitty was absolutely incredible. I learned many new strategies that I will definitely integrate into my teaching. She is so fun and made this day exciting and educational.”
– Kelly Olyezdsky, Math Teacher

“Kitty has great enthusiasm for what she does. Her energy helps the day fly and makes you never want to leave. She has such great ideas to use right away in the classroom. Thank you!”
– Valerie Young, Teacher

This is the most worthwhile workshop that I have attended. Kitty inspired me to try new ideas and helped me see how my students in Algebra II will use the material I teach them down the road.”
– Katie George, 8th Grade Math Teacher

“I truly enjoyed this seminar and the different games and activities. Kitty gave me many wonderful ideas that I plan on incorporating in my classes.”
– Toni Thomas, Math Teacher

Thank you for sharing your group activities and methods. These were inspirational, to both myself and my colleagues!”
– Stephen Cook, Math Teacher

Excellent and really motivating. Kitty Morgan created an environment where creative juices could flow. Material presented was very applicable and will be easy to implement.”
– Cynthia Vick, Lead Math Teacher

“Great job! I love leaving a workshop inspired to be a better teacher!”
– Elaine Johnson, Teacher

This is the most I’ve learned in an educational seminar. I will actually use the contents of the handbook. Kitty is amazing!”
– Jennifer Warden, Math Teacher

I thought the seminar was great. I was ready for some new ideas and I got them. There aren’t many seminars that can deal with all the subjects I teach.”
– Brian Zecher, Algebra II/Calculus Teacher

“Great seminar! Kitty was well versed and the topics were definitely applicable to my classes.”
– Kate Schultz, Math Teacher

Loved it! I was too intimidated to incorporate technology in my classes but now I definitely believe that it will revolutionize the way my students learn math.”
– Hanna Baik, Algebra/Geometry Teacher

Kitty Morgan has brought a new excitement to the second half of my career. Thanks, Kitty. I’m good to go the distance!”
– Ron Bonner, Math Teacher

“Excellent! Kitty Morgan was entertaining and informative – what we as teachers all need to be!”
– Jean Bidlack, Math Department Chair

“What a great seminar! Kitty is a gem to the teaching profession.
– Holly Elam, Math Teacher