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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kim Geddie is a dynamic, experienced teacher and international presenter. All the strategies Kim presents are those she has found to be most effective in her many years working with students, educators and schools across the county. Kim is passionate about helping fellow educators better reach their students to maximize their success. She specializes in providing practical, realistic strategies and activities that are high impact, low prep and effective in reaching all types of learners.

Kim co-authored RQ4U: Reflective Questioning and Growth Mindset 4U (Successful Connections, 2016), a practical guide for strengthening students' goal setting, reflection and growth mindsets. Kim is also the author of Developing Students' Initiative, Ownership and Follow Through to Create Responsible, Independent and Successful Learners, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Participants regularly praise Kim's sense of humor and her realistic, classroom-proven solutions to common and persistent challenges facing educators today.

Join Kim for a day full of practical, highly effective strategies and activities that you can immediately incorporate to strengthen the responsibility, independence and success of your students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Kim gave us tons of great tips and new tools we can use right away in the classroom."
Michele Vizzo, ELA Teacher

"Wonderful strategies and growth mindset ideas. I liked Kim's energy and passion for the subject."
Jasmine Pickle, SPED Teacher

"I loved how connected I felt to the content. Kim engaged us in a day of real-world talk!"
Gloriane Kubistal, Social Studies Teacher

"Kim brought great, practical and inspiring knowledge to this seminar. Thanks!"
Shannon Valley, Intervention Director

"Kim has a great energy about her topic! I enjoyed learning many new tips and tricks from her."
Meghan Carey, Differentiation Specialist

"This was a terrific seminar. Kim did a wonderful job of keeping the day moving and bringing enthusiasm. I'm walking away with a lot of useful information!"
Joanna Bokholdt, RTI Reading Teacher

"Great new information and strategies, as well as validation for some things I already do. I loved Kim's energy!"
M.C. Frederickson, SPED Teacher

"Kim was a dynamic speaker! I enjoyed her presentation as well as hearing all her great ideas."
Janet Jay, School Social Worker

"Excellent day! I am so happy I signed up for this seminar. I received so many helpful resources and information."
Kelly Stubbins, Middle School Teacher