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David “Coach G” Ginsburg is a highly acclaimed, experienced teacher and instructional coach. He has a passion and expertise for helping teachers and instructional leaders create effective student-centered classrooms. This seminar is informed by his initial struggles and eventual successes as a teacher, which provide a personal and inspirational basis for his “do more for students by doing less for students” approach. David credits student feedback as the key to his growth as a teacher, and is devoted to sharing with fellow educators what his students have taught him.

He presents nationally on student-centered education and is the author of the popular Education Week blog, Coach G’s Teaching Tips. David is also the author of Do More for Students by Doing Less for Students, the extensive resource handbook that each participant will receive at the seminar. David has received numerous awards and accolades including “Global Hero in Education” by Microsoft. Harry and Rosemary Wong wrote about David’s impact as a coach, saying “In his many years of coaching practice, David has built a superhighway for teachers to excel and students to achieve.”

Join David for a powerful, enlightening and transformational day of learning that will help you do more for your students, by doing less for your students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

I found many useful techniques that I plan to take back to school with me. I realize that many times I give my students too much help and need to back off and let them figure things out for themselves. Thanks for the info!”
Jackie Surber, English Teacher

Wonderful seminar! The strategies, concepts and ideas learned are essential tools I plan to utilize within my classroom. A big thank you to Mr. Ginsburg for his enlightening ideas!”
Scarlet Alton, Teacher

“Every second of the seminar was engaging! Can’t wait to apply this in my classroom.
Angela Johnson, Teacher

I can’t wait to go back to school tomorrow and put this to work!”
Allison Bonicontro, Instructional Assistant

“Really enjoyed the videos of teachers using the techniques in the classroom.”
Susan Neil, Teacher

All teachers should attend this seminar!
Ellis Swopes, Special Education Teacher

“David’s strategies were practical and useful across all content areas. I’m leaving with exactly what I wanted to leave with.” Adam Schulte, Teacher

Thanks for the great ideas! I can’t wait to start implementing them immediately.”
Jodie Rusznak, Special Education Teacher

I’m looking forward to trying many of these strategies! Thanks!”
Shelley Mauger, Special Education Teacher

Great teacher of teachers! He didn’t provide us with a “magic bag of tricks” but instead real tools.”
Jennifer Kahlke, Middle School Teacher