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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Vince Mancuso is a highly experienced teacher, national presenter and author with a passion for enhancing student engagement, motivation and learning. He is a frequent presenter at conferences where his sessions draw standing-room only crowds. Vince enjoys sharing with fellow educators his enthusiasm for innovative, practical strategies to engage and motivate students, with a specific focus on their design and implementation. He shares powerful, practical, research-based techniques, which have all been student-proven in his own classroom. He is the author of Increase Your Students Attention, Engagement and Motivation (Grades 3-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Join Vince for a highly valuable day filled with practical strategies and lessons you can use to excite, engage, and motivate all your students in the classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"A fast-paced thrill-ride filled with valuable and thoughtful examples, demonstrations and resources that can be implemented the very next day. Vince's real-world understanding of where the classroom teacher is was appreciated."

"Great examples! I can actually use multiple demonstrations shown in the seminar in my own classroom. I am excited to implement these strategies."

"Loved this seminar – inspiring and instructive. Vince gave lots of tools and ideas. I felt involved all day."

"I can't wait to revisit and revamp many lessons to update my teaching. Vince is wonderful and amazing!"

"This seminar was extraordinarily helpful. Vince Mancuso modeled good teaching practices in his seminar to make it engaging, meaningful and understandable to the point of practical application."

"Amazing! Worth every penny spent on professional development. Vince is a great practitioner. BER, you did it again!"

"Fantastic presentation. Would love to attend another seminar by Dr. Mancuso."

"This seminar was lots of fun and full of very useful ideas, techniques, and ways of rethinking teaching and learning!"