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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Sue Holt is an experienced National Board Certified Teacher who is passionate about teaching kindergartners using current and culturally relevant technology. Sue grew up alongside computers and for more than 20 years has integrated mobile technology in her preschool and kindergarten classrooms. She has taught using technology on a daily basis in varied early childhood environments including preschool, private childcare and elementary schools.

Sue began using mobile devices in her kindergarten classroom when they were brand new and has experienced teaching with just one device, a small set of devices and within a full one?to?one device program. Sue regularly participates in Professional Learning Networks using social media such as Twitter and other technologies and collaborates with teachers worldwide.

Sue loves to support teachers who are new to using technology, and her presentations are beneficial to both those hesitant and comfortable with using technology in the classroom. She works closely with educators in her school district on the use of technology in the classroom, and reaches teachers around the world through her popular blog about using technology in early childhood education and seminars.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Lots of information and motivation for using technology in the classroom. Sue is full of enthusiasm and encouragement for all users, whether a newbie or advanced.”
- Cathy Collins, Kindergarten Teacher

“I’m thrilled with the amount of information I’m taking home to begin using immediately. I’ve never been to a seminar that is so fun, interesting and ready to use!
- Sharon Ketola, Kindergarten Teacher

Sue is ‘real’ and easy to follow. I never felt lost or confused and I can’t wait to get back to my classroom to use all of her ideas.”
- Melissa Moffitt, Kindergarten Teacher

Very enthusiastic instructor! Sue Holt is very knowledgeable and sincere.”
- Donna Jenkins, Kindergarten Teacher

Totally, totally awesome! Truly a wealth of valuable information.”
- Carol Stam, Kindergarten Teacher

“Sue does a good job of giving practical ways to use mobile devices in the classroom with age?appropriate apps I can start using tomorrow.”
- Debbie Tasler, Kindergarten Teacher

“Sue is very knowledgeable. She shares so much information. I can’t wait to go back to class and use all the new apps I learned.”
- Paula Olivieri, Kindergarten Teacher

“Sue has a lot of passion for using technology in the classroom. This is a great seminar for getting started using mobile devices in the classroom.”
- Jessica Kepple, Kindergarten Teacher

A wonderful seminar - very informative and helpful. I have been teaching for five years and this seminar is one of the best I have attended.”
- Meghan Piccinin, Teacher

I am taking away some really great apps! My students are going to love them!”
- Michelle Maynard, Teacher

What a wonderful seminar! The material is exciting and very well organized. Sue is a great presenter who keeps her audience engaged all day.”
- Siovhan Spidle, Kindergarten Teacher

This is an amazing seminar that showed me, with no experience, how to use mobile devices and how I can use them to enhance learning in the classroom. My students are going to get so much from what I learned and I will be able to reach more learners in many different ways.”
- Dawn Stewart, Kindergarten Teacher

I love how Sue actually shows the apps instead of just quickly listing through them!”
- Dani Gimm, Kindergarten Teacher