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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kelly Harmon is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter with a wealth of classroom experience. Her years of working with groups of at-risk learners have provided her with a clear insight into the frustrations, challenges and joys of working with students who learn differently. She is currently involved in the RTI process in numerous schools and is excited about what it can offer to make a difference for students and teachers.

Based on her implementation of RTI in many classrooms, Kelly has a wealth of ideas and strategies to share with you and your school team. You will also receive RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION: Implementing Powerful and Practical Strategies to Identify and Serve Students with Learning Challenges (Grades K-6), the extensive resource handbook Kelly developed just for this seminar. You will find Kelly’s seminars highly practical, interactive and filled with strategies and ideas you can use immediately in your program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I would highly recommend this seminar to fellow educators. Kelly gave us a wealth of information and strategies to implement. I’m excited to get back to school and use this information.”
– Diane Hulick, Sixth Grade Teacher

Excellent, excellent seminar! I have so many more ideas now and you’ve helped me not feel overwhelmed.”
– Lana L. Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher

“Kelly is amazing! She is high energy, full of great knowledge and ideas. Very well informed and made this day really fun! I left with many great ideas for intervention.
– Amanda Sardeson, Title I Teacher

Kelly was enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable! It was well worth the time and money.“
– Elizabeth King, Pre-K Teacher

“This seminar was very enlightening and has helped me understand what RTI is all about! Thank you, Kelly.”
– Carrie Van Halland, Reading Specialist

“Thank you so much for the practical, commonsense approach to the RTI process! You have given me a wealth of ideas and strategies to implement.”
– Wendy Matthews, Second Grade Teacher

Excellent information shared in a format ready for immediate use in schools. I highly recommend this seminar!”
– Sonya Colvin, RTI Coordinator

“I really enjoyed the practical uses and examples. Kelly gave me a better understanding of RTI. The handbook has many wonderful ideas to implement in my classroom and school.”
– Manuel Lopez, Fourth Grade Teacher

“Thank you so much! I was not ready to leave when the time was up! The strategies and resources were great and I’m inspired to reorganize my lesson plans.”
– Annette Peterson, Special Ed Teacher

“Kelly really knows her material. What an enjoyable day of very useful information. Our team can’t wait to share all of these hands-on activities at our Monday team meeting! This truly was a workshop and not a lecture.”
– Trudi Bradley, Principal

“Kelly Harmon really pumped me up about what I’m going to do to make RTI work in my classroom. There were so many practices I can take into my classroom tomorrow!
– Angela Harting, Seventh Grade Teacher

Loved this workshop! Excellent resources and knowledge of the topic. I recommend this to beginner and veteran teachers alike.”
– Michele Haferkorn, Title I Teacher

“I wish all the teachers I work with could attend Kelly’s RTI seminar.”
– Lisa Helbing, Special Education