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Karen Tyler is a reading specialist and nationally recognized speaker with specific expertise in helping students with dyslexia improve their reading and become more successful in school. She has extensive experience working with K-6 students and teachers as a teacher, Title I reading interventionist, and literacy coach. Karen continues to passionately support students with dyslexia and their teachers through her ongoing teacher education programs and in her national one-day dyslexia seminars.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Thank you for being a part of my educational journey on behalf of students with dyslexia and for helping me follow my dream of supporting our students that need us the most.”

“Thank you for helping me keep going. I can truly teach my students with dyslexia how to read with all that I've learned from you.

“The past two years have been hard for many of us and you clearly care about teachers and students. I learned so many ways to help my students who are struggling to learn how to read.”

“Your kindness and dedication to teachers and struggling readers has made a lasting impact on me and I hope to carry that love and compassion into my classroom, too.”

“You have helped me grow immensely as a literacy teacher and I am so grateful.”

I am incredibly lucky to have participated in your seminar. I am confident to go back and support my readers and writers using the knowledge and research-based practices I have gained.”

You are truly an advocate for students with dyslexia and your words will stick with me forever.”

“I appreciated your seminar today and feel like I can implement ideas tomorrow!”