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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

MARCY EISINGER is an experienced educator, consultant and dyslexia therapist. Marcy is currently an Assistant Director for Dyslexia. She has served as a Dyslexia Consultant, Section 504, At-Risk Coordinator and as a dyslexia teacher and therapist in the public school system. In addition, Marcy has provided therapy in both public and private settings for all types of students ranging from kindergarten to adult. Throughout her career, Marcy has always had a passion teaching student with dyslexia and devotes her time providing others with timely and relevant information gained from her knowledge and experiences to support students. She has provided professional development and public speaking engagements throughout the nation and state for parents, community members, teachers, school districts and other various organizational entities. Marcy is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Dyslexia Therapist, Certified Academic Language Therapist and Structured Literacy Dyslexia Therapist. She is the author of DYSLEXIA: Best Targeted Interventions to Accelerate Greater Literacy Success (Grades K-6), the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Really enjoyed the seminar. Very informative. Appreciate all of the activity ideas and will definitely try them out."
– Stacy Holloway, Reading Specialist

"Overall, this workshop provided a great review of the content. I learned some new things and also have a better understanding of what the reading specialist is doing when my students go to her for extra support."
– Kristin Ragan, 2nd Grade Teacher

"I highly enjoyed this seminar and feel that I learned so much that I can take back to my classroom in order to best help my kids, thank you!"
– Allison White, Elementary Teacher

"I really appreciated the information, tools, and strategies. Taking a deep dive into something that effects the learning of so many of our students."
– Amy Nowak, Instructional Assistant