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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jaime Bailey is an outstanding educator and popular national presenter with a wide variety of experience at the elementary level. She has served as a classroom teacher, and an elementary literacy specialist and she is passionate about designing exciting lessons that incorporate the best online tools, resources and emerging technology with iPads to meet the needs of all students, especially those who struggle with learning to read. Jaime brings years of experience to her seminars in providing practical, teacher-friendly professional development and a wealth of ideas you’ll want to use immediately in your own classroom.

Jaime is a highly effective presenter whose excitement about using technology to teach reading is contagious. She is also the author of Best, New Strategies for Using iPads to Help Students Who Struggle to Read (Grades K-5), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Spending the day with Jaime is a rich opportunity filled with practical, creative and ready-to-use strategies and ideas, all perfect for using iPads to support your struggling students in learning to read. Throughout this jam-packed day, Jaime will share dozens of apps, management strategies, tools, and techniques to use with your struggling readers, as well as tips and tools to motivate them by using the technology they love to use. Join her for a day filled with humor and a wealth of information that will boost your approach to using technology in your classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended! So many useful tools!”
- Debbie Kirby, Technology/Curriculum Specialist

“Jaime shared an immense amount of information today, well beyond just the technology aspect. I’m excited to try many of the ideas and apps she shared!
- Karen Robinson, Reading Specialist

“Useful. Applicable! Fun! Interesting! A great use of my time!”
- Starla Howard, Title I Reading Specialist

“Really great information and useful strategies! I can’t wait to begin implementing them with my students!”
- Marti Neider, 1st Grade Teacher

“I’m very impressed by Jaime! She is a fantastic presenter. Wonderful resources! Thank you!”
- Jessica Gainey, Reading Specialist

“Outstanding! Tons of easy-to-use and highly effective apps to use as learning tools!”
- Brenda Ooten, Title I Teacher

“This was an excellent seminar! Usually I get one or two good ideas. Today I got tons of them!”
- Jill Skinner, 1st Grade Teacher

“Jaime is an excellent presenter! I’m excited about creating programs in the library utilizing many of these apps!”
- Carolyn McBee, Library Associate

“Awesome presentation! Jaime is very knowledgeable and gave us great resources!”
- Jacquelyn Dzierzanowski, K-6 Reading Specialist

“Can’t wait to utilize many of the ideas I learned today! I’m leaving with a new excitement about teaching with technology!”
- Julie Faulise, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Jaime kept me highly engaged throughout the seminar. She is very informative and I learned so much today!”
- Shannon Steffan, K-5 Reading Specialist

“Wow! So many wonderful apps! Thanks for opening my eyes!”
- Katy Ascone, 4th Grade Teacher