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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Diego Ojeda is a passionate Spanish teacher, as well as a seasoned and recognized national world language presenter. Diego has been awarded for his outstanding and non-traditional teaching style that he brings to the class. Diego is co-founder of the internationally, well-known world language professional learning network LangChat and the popular personal learning network CharlaEle1 for Spanish teachers.

Diego brings a refreshing, cultural awareness and innovative perspective to the teaching of the Spanish language. Diego's instructional strategies can be easily adapted to any Spanish language proficiency level. Diego is the author of Enhancing SPANISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: Practical Activities to Strengthen Your Students' Proficiency in Spanish (Grades 6-12), the digital resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Very practical suggestions that will be easy to implement right away-great ideas for motivating students to use Spanish in class."
Chrys Dermody, Spanish Teacher

"Las actividades son muy prácticas y sobre todo fáciles y muy entretenidas, creo que se las puede usar en todos los niveles de aprendizaje variando un poco el contenido."
Maria Isabel Tobar Ortiz, Spanish Teacher

"Diego is a motivating presenter. It's obvious that he enjoys his work and wants to spread the joy of teaching to others."
Mindy Blackwell, Spanish Teacher

"Excellent ideas and examples! I have ideas and activities I can use mañana!"
Kimberly Fegelson, Dept. Chair/Spanish Teacher

"Great seminar! I enjoyed this because there are many practical ideas that can be used in the classroom - they are easy and not impossible."
Jessica Murillo, Secondary Teacher

"A very information-filled seminar with activities that for once are relevant to what we do as teachers."
Sandra O'Gorman, Spanish Teacher

"Fabulous seminar. It is full of great information and ideas that will work in real classrooms."
Kathryn Gaugler, Spanish Teacher

"Diego's enthusiasm is contagious. I have read other books on using activities, but seeing them in action makes it become more real and user friendly."
Gloria Morris-Cummins, Spanish Teacher

"Diego is a well-spoken, well-respected educator and presenter."
Amy Fogerty, Teacher