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We recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

JAN HOLTER KITTOK is an experienced world language teacher and sought-after presenter whose lively and thought-provoking seminars consistently receive rave reviews. She is an intuitive teacher and knowledgeable educational leader. Jan knows what teachers need. She shares real examples from decades of K-12 classroom experience. Jan is a recipient of ACTFL's Florence Steiner Award for Leadership in Language Education as well as several prestigious regional and state professional awards. Her professional conference presentations have been honored with the "Best of State" and "Best of Central States" titles. School districts contract her services to train teachers and consult on their program development. Every participant will leave the seminar with a copy of her most recent work, Powerful Strategies for Maximizing Comprehensible Input in the Target Language (Grades 6-12), the extensive digital resource handbook specifically developed for this seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Fantastic! I knew I had gotten more than my money's worth within the first hour. I have attended a few other CI events, but Jan made it seem more interesting and accessible."
Alicia Jekel, World Language Teacher

"Jan was obviously very knowledgeable and passionate, making it easy to embrace the concept of comprehensible input. The day flew by."
Kim Brown, H.S. Spanish Teacher

"Very well organized. Very interesting! Finally, a seminar that allowed me to experience teaching strategies through the eyes of a student!"
Patty McGrath, World Language Teacher

"Jan is a wonderful facilitator, and she gave me strategies I will use in class tomorrow. The combination of her depth of knowledge and her practical approach to language learning made this seminar valuable on multiple levels."
Kristina Snavely, HS Spanish/English Teacher

"Excellent examples and illustrations of how language acquisition can be done in a very different way - her method will really interest many more students."
Josephine Tracey, French Teacher

"Very lively presentation! Jan is engaging and entertaining. She brings a whole new world of possibilities to teaching a foreign language."
Ana M. Garcia, Spanish Teacher

"Jan presents research-based, excellent content with practical strategies for the classroom."
Julie Hansen, Spanish/Latin Teacher

"Great hands-on information, how to incorporate it into your plans and how to help your students succeed."
Francesca Rector, Spanish Teacher

"I appreciate Jan's insights and knowledge. I learned a lot of strategies I need in my class."
Francesca Rector, Spanish Teacher