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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Tracy Rucker is an outstanding, award-winning world language teacher with more than 25ss years of teaching experience in both in-person and in online learning environments. A frequent regional and state conference presenter, he is known for helping world language teachers enhance their existing programs by incorporating many strategies that incorporate interpersonal communication and global awareness techniques into the classroom.

Tracy emphasizes practical strategies – the use of target language, cultural connections and contextualized grammar – in the language classroom. Tracy brings to his seminars a high level of understanding of proficiency and how to train students to spiral through performance levels while honing skills. He also brings a high energy level and a wealth of expertise along with a keen sense of humor and down?to?earth realism about what works for teachers and their students.

Tracy is well known for his enthusiastic, lively seminars that leave participants rejuvenated and eager to implement new strategies and ideas in their own world language classrooms.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Tracy is an energetic, engaging and kind presenter. He offered many tools and strategies for a language classroom. He modeled passion and compassion through personal anecdotes and interactions."
Rachel Myhre, Spanish Teacher

"Mr. Rucker is a very energetic, professional and eloquent speaker. It is evident that he knows his content and pedagogy. Everything that he presents is something that he has used in his own classroom."
Aracelis Perez, Spanish Teacher

"Tracy's seminar included very practical ideas I can take straight back to the classroom. There are other ideas I can explore and decide how to incorporate. I like that he is currently in a high school world language setting because I am, too."
Del Swartzentruber, Spanish Teacher

"Tracy has a beautiful enthusiasm about his entire being and I can see where he shines in the classroom. I cannot wait to go back to my own classroom using his concepts to motivate my students."
Tracy Uler, Spanish Educator