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CYNTHIA CARDENAS-KOLAK is an internationally recognized EL teacher, author and trainer of trainers with over 30 years of experience working in public and private schools. She has worked collaboratively with district, state and national entities to strengthen programs and instruction for English Learners. An exceptional presenter, she is best known for her engaging approach to sharing research-based, practical and proven methods and strategies. She has a wealth of EL-proven strategies to help you catch up your ELs who have fallen behind. Cynthia is the author of The VESTED Instructional Approach: Balanced Instruction for Diverse Learners and Vocabulary in 3-D: A Practical Guide to Help Kids Use Academic Language in Everyday Conversation. She is also the author of Catching Up Your ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS Who Have Fallen Behind, the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Wonderful seminar. Cynthia was very informative, inspirational and extremely motivating."
Mary Fernandes, Teacher

"Cynthia was highly engaging and provided excellent modeling of lessons and ideas!"
Michelle Romano, Teacher

"Cynthia made the day interactive and engaging! She was fun, relatable and interesting to learn from. I am very glad I attended this seminar and will definitely be using these strategies with my students."
Jennifer Acuna, ESL Teacher

"Thank you!! Great strategies and perspective. I appreciated Cynthia's high energy level."
L. Francohno, ESL/EL Teacher

"Cynthia was very knowledgeable. I loved that her vocabulary strategies were excellent and very practical."
Jessica Ruskoski, ESL Teacher

"Great seminar with a lot of useful and practical tools!"
Daniel Miller, ELL Teacher

"I really enjoyed this seminar and I learned a lot of new tools for helping my English Learners!"
Hally Cohen, Teacher

"Great presentation - I really enjoyed it! Many strategies I am taking back to my classroom!"
Edgar Ortega, ESL Teacher

"This was a wonderful seminar. I enjoyed all of the ideas and strategies Cindy shared and I'm excited to implement them with my students!"
Jennifer Fallin, Teacher

"Cindy was terrific in sharing her vast knowledge and strategies for teaching and helping English Learners."
Katarzyna Liu, ESL Teacher