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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Michon Henegar has extensive experience teaching students from Pre-K to 12th Grade. Beyond the classroom, she has presented nationwide on how to improve students' behavior and their time-on-task in the classroom. Her seminars always leave educators inspired and ready to apply practical strategies for improving students' behavior at school. You will enjoy her ability to connect to your classroom experience with a deep understanding, by sharing relatable classroom stories, engaging in genuine and authentic conversation with the attendees, and providing a variety of teaching techniques that will help your students choose to be more engaged in the learning process. Join Michon and your colleagues for a meaningful day full of practical strategies to improve your student's behavior so that each moment in class is Time-on-Task.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"This seminar provided me with numerous activities that I will be able to use right away in my classroom. I am excited to give them a try!"

"Very powerful presentation today, and it definitely hit home. I love how Michon brings personal and REAL situations to the seminar. Very worthwhile!"

"I love Michon's perspective in showing the different ways we can keep students focused. She really made an impact on my thinking process."

"Michon's insight gave me a new perspective on how to help my students. Thank you for sharing it in a way that was clear and that I will always be able to remember it."

"I really enjoyed this seminar on behavior. It was worth my time!"

"I loved the seminar and learned about so many strategies I can use for helping my students be more successful at school."