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JULIE COMPTON is a highly experienced educator and restorative practices practitioner with proven expertise working directly with challenging students exhibiting repetitive, difficult behavior. Her extensive experience across time and grade levels gives her an incredibly unique perspective on the relationship between restorative practices and discipline. The transparency with which she approaches teachers makes her very relatable and trustworthy. Julie presents in a way that gets to the heart of the matter and addresses repetitive and disruptive behaviors in the classroom in a way that improves learning and relationships for everyone. You will walk away with many highly practical restorative practices strategies you can immediately implement in your classroom. Julie is the author of RESTORATIVE DISCIPLINE: Help Your Students Improve Their Behavior and Strengthen Their Learning, the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Join Julie for this practical, common-sense approach to developing a discipline program that will transform your classroom and the lives of your students.

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Excellent! Very practical.”

Great ideas to bring back to school!

“Julie is engaging and enjoyable to listen to.”

Very well done and material was very easy to understand and implement.”

“Very informative... I enjoyed the content and came away with some great strategies. Thank you!”

Excellent, readily usable info shared all day long!

“Julie was great! She gave practical, realistic strategies. Most behavior workshops I have attended were just the 'why' behind the behavior, but she gave real strategies I feel like I can go use in the classroom tomorrow.”