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JORGE ELVIR is an experienced classroom teacher and school administrator with many years of experience addressing difficult, disruptive student behaviors at the classroom and building level. Jorge loves sharing with fellow educators Restorative Discipline strategies that reduce the need for traditional discipline, resulting in increased instructional minutes, engagement, learning, and student growth. High energy, passionate and “real” – Jorge shares the strategies he has found most successful for addressing highly disruptive and/or dangerous behaviors. As a school administrator he played a key role in developing and implementing a highly effective school-wide Restorative Discipline program as an alternative to traditional disciplinary practices. He is also the author of, Restorative Discipline: Decrease the Need for Traditional Discipline and Increase Instructional Minutes, the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar. Join Jorge for this practical, commonsense approach to developing, implementing and enhancing a restorative discipline program with the power to transform your classroom, school and the lives of your students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Jorge provided a thought provoking and interesting presentation. I really enjoyed everything – the materials and discussion included. This was the best PD I’ve attended in a long time."
– Dr. Steven Heil, Principal

"I loved it! I can’t wait to use what I learned with challenging students!"
– Erin Seibert, Teacher

"Jorge’s knowledge of restorative practices is vast and his ability to pass on that experience was extremely helpful."
– Gwen Stevens, Counselor

"This was an amazing presentation. I took a lot out of this, which will definitely change my administrative practices."
– Ken Londregan, Vice Principal

"Jorge was great and gave excellent examples. Very real! I will try the practices taught today with my students."
– Megan Richard, Teacher

"Everything was wonderfully presented to bring real-life awareness and application of strategies for building Restorative Discipline in schools. Thank you."
– Jennifer Lowe, SPED Teacher

"I really appreciated Jorge’s upbeat, positive approach. I’m walking away with great strategies. The real-life examples were also very helpful to put things in perspective."
– Jeff Atterberry, Assistant Principal

"Excellent, concrete examples of what to do in the classroom, with Restorative Discipline as an administrator and in faculty meetings. Thank you! Great resources too!"
– Beth Steinen, Director of Instruction

"Exemplary presentation, full of valuable tips that can be utilized to improve the climate and culture of my school. Jorge provided powerful insights and opportunities for discourse."
– Dr. Sharon Davis, Principal

"Jorge did a great job conveying the message about Restorative Discipline. I look forward to implementing these practices!"
– Carey Roth, Teacher