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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jo Ann Freiberg is uniquely qualified to lead this seminar. She has conducted hundreds of workshops and training opportunities for thousands of educators throughout the country. Her current position is with the Connecticut State Department of Education where she leads efforts to help schools reduce bullying behaviors and improve school climate. Jo Ann is an experienced educator, has worked as a classroom teacher and has held faculty appointments at a number of universities. Her areas of academic teaching and research include moral and character education, critical thinking/conflict resolution/problem-solving, and bullying. She is the author of Confronting and Working to Reduce Bullying Behaviors in School Settings (Grades 1-8), the resource handbook each participant will receive. Her seminars are known for their down-to-earth, practical approach to working successfully with students. You will leave Jo Ann’s seminar armed with a variety of practical strategies and ways to respectfully confront bullies and bullying behaviors, as well as ideas for supporting those who are their targets

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Jo Ann Freiberg’s expertise is one that teachers everywhere should learn from so that we all can make a difference for a better society.”
– Judy Roy, Life Skills/Resource Teacher

“The material and information provided at this workshop is empowering and highly valuable to my position and the development of the children I serve!”
– Brenda Meyer, Paraprofessional/Behavior Instructor

“Jo Ann Freiberg is articulate and enthusiastic in her presentation. She clearly understands the required elements of creating community both in the classroom and beyond. So much of what she says resonates as true. A well spent day!”
– Pat Reynolds, Character Education Coordinator

“This seminar provided useful and relevant information that I can share with my co-workers to improve the climate of our school.”
– Bridget Evers, Counselor

“Jo Ann Freiberg is dynamic and she utilizes a multi-sensory approach in her presentation. The content is rich and practical! One of the best seminars I have ever attended.”
– Taki Rabiens, School Counselor

“This seminar contains a wealth of information that is practical and will be easy to implement in schools.”
– Tom Fischer, Principal

“I am better prepared to face these issues of bullying and disciplinary problems now that I better understand the situations and have learned tactful strategies.”
– Tina Choi, Instructional Assistant

“Wow! This was very informative I’m very glad I attended.”
– Robyn Vague, Paraprofessional

"I learned so much and I can’t wait to utilize my new skills. Also, as a former ‘bully’, it helped me understand why ‘bullies’ do what they do, and how I can help those in need.”
– Sharon Miller, Instructional Assistant

“The workshop was very nicely organized and inspirational! I thought Jo Ann did a terrific job expressing important points, identifying effective strategies and reflecting on personal experiences.”
– Kristen Hughes, Social Worker

“Thank you for some very positive, concrete solutions. You provided lots of steps and information that I am excited to incorporate into our program.”
– Gayle O’Neill, PE Teacher/Recess Supervisor

“Powerful. Jo Ann provided a great deal of information in a short period of time. The day was filled with common sense strategies that can be taken back and implemented easily. I wish my entire staff could have been here.”
– John Ragno, 3rd Grade Teacher