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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kathryn Phillips is a highly recognized international presenter, author and teacher of difficult and disruptive students. With over 35 years of experience in schools, she has worked with thousands of educators in comprehensive behavior management and conflict resolution. Kathryn’s extensive experience in special education brings to her seminars a practical perspective for managing and intervening with highly disruptive students. You will receive the resource handbook, Effective Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult and Disruptive Students (Grades K-12), filled with strategies, ideas and samples of student plans, contracts and monitoring cards you can use the very next day with your difficult students.

You will leave this seminar re-energized, less stressed and ready to deal with discipline problems in a more productive manner.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

The best professional development I’ve attended in many years. Thank you for all of the fantastic strategies for working with our students.”
– Kathy Vestal, 2nd Grade Teacher

“‘Wow!’ is an understatement. I appreciate the plethora of ideas to implement immediately. Thank you for sharing your very important work to help our students.”
– Jessica Padilla de Hernandez, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Kathryn gave amazing techniques and enlightening insight into working with disruptive students.”
– Alfred Pratt, SAI Teacher

“Mrs. Phillips did an amazing job. You can really tell that she knows her information. She kept the day fun and engaging. I would definitely recommend this seminar.”
– Aubrey Moeller, 5th Grade Teacher

“Kathryn is an excellent presenter – engaging, funny and captivating. I am excited to take these concrete strategies back to my school.”
– Tina Ying, Psychiatric Social Worker

“Excellent seminar. I discovered some missing critical pieces of my behavior plan – need to add positives and redefine expectations and consequences. I highly recommend this seminar to all teachers and all levels.”
– Mark Zavodnik, 5th Grade Teacher

“The seminar was engaging and I feel prepared to try practical solutions in my classroom as early as tomorrow. At the end of the day, I was reinvigorated about my choice in being a teacher.
– Desiree Patterson, Teacher

“Great seminar! The best and most useful I’ve ever attended. I have so many useful tools and strategies to take back to my classroom.”
– Gillian Campbell, Math Teacher

“The seminar was extremely beneficial. It was a huge ‘eye opener’ for a lot of positive reasons. I plan to implement these strategies.”
– Hollie Allensworth, 5th/6th Grade Teacher

“This was one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended because Kathryn gave us specific things we could do in working with our difficult students. She provided us with resources – apps, books, video, and websites – that we could use and share.”
– Tari Ward, 4th Grade Teacher

“This was a wonderful seminar filled with very helpful information and great examples. Mrs. Phillips is personable, knowledgeable and makes learning delightful!”
– Vicky Swicegood, Art Teacher

“Kathryn was very interesting and knows her stuff! She used updated and practical examples to help us assimilate the information. I definitely have some new tools in my toolbox.”
– Stacy Irwin, School Counselor