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Marjorie Porter is an exemplary science teacher, presenter and education consultant on both Next Generation Science Standards and STEM. She is a recent graduate of Connecticut’s NGSX “Leadership Development Academy”, and has extensive experience developing and modeling STEM lessons for the elementary school classroom. Marge is committed to instructional excellence and the creative use of technology to support student learning. Marge is passionate about the need to involve young children in autonomous science investigation, knowing it is essential to a student’s overall development and eventual career choice.

She enjoys opportunities to work with and support elementary educators in their efforts to encourage exploration and inquiry in their classrooms. Marge also develops lessons and programs for regional workshops, schools, nature centers, and extracurricular STEM programs. She is also the author of Best Strategies to Help Your Students Achieve the NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS (Grades K-6), the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

You won’t want to miss this engaging and highly practical day to learn how you can easily integrate the NGSS into your everyday instruction and programs in grades K-6!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Marjorie did a great job explaining the NGSS. There are many resources and ideas I will be able to implement in my classroom.”
Andrea Levins, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Very well organized. Marjorie is so knowledgeable about the NGSS. She shared great ways to incorporate ideas into my lesson plans.”
Bradley Bloemer, 5th Grade Science Teacher

“Marjorie was great! She offered lots of information and made many connections to helpful resources to use in the classroom.”
Lauren Sheppard, 5th Grade Teacher

“This seminar made me think differently about how I teach science in my classroom. Marjorie had a lot of great ideas and resources.”
Marisa Brown, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Marjorie brought energy, excitement and knowledge of ‘facilitating’ science to a higher level by unpacking the NGSS. Thank you.”
Debra Gomes, Math/Science Teacher

Wonderful assortment of information as well as resources. Marjorie modeled highly effective teaching strategies for student learning.”
Jennifer Menniti, 2nd Grade Teacher

“The seminar was exactly what I needed. I was feeling overwhelmed and lost with the NGSS. After this seminar I feel less stressed about bringing the NGSS to my classroom.”
Nicole Johnston, 5th Grade Teacher

“This seminar is full of ideas and knowledge that I can go back and use. I’d highly recommend other grade-level teachers to take this course.”
Lucy Lee, 1st Grade Teacher

“This has given me new perspective as a teacher about how to teach the NGSS. Awesome seminar!”
Jerry Nash, Science Teacher

“This was a very worthwhile, informative session. I will be able to go right back to work and begin work toward our school’s future work in science with the NGSS.”
Katherine Els, Teacher