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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Deborah B. Ford is an award-winning teacher librarian and an outstanding international presenter. A former State Media Specialist of the Year and a Teacher of the Year, Deborah’s library coaching takes her across the country.

She writes weekly for School Library Journal. She continues to present at numerous state and international conferences and is the author of 101 Best Strategies to Increase the Effectiveness of Your School Library Program, the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Deborah is known for her inspirational message, budget-friendly ideas, and innovative ways for creating a user-friendly library media center. Join Deborah for a day filled with 101 practical, easy-to-implement ideas to enhance your school library program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Deborah gave us several ideas and projects to make our library more student-friendly and inviting - and they don’t cost a fortune.”
- Gloria McGuire, Principal

“Excellent! This seminar was all I was expecting and more!”
- Vanessa Harris, Library Media Teacher

“Deborah Ford was informative, knowledgeable and creative. This was the best seminar I’ve attended.”
- Carmen McCormick, Library Media Clerk

“I paid for this seminar out of my own pocket and I’m glad I did! Deborah’s enthusiasm for the profession and her practicality is a winning combination.”
- Steven Hall, Librarian

“Deborah is a delightful, entertaining reminder of what our roles are and should be. The resource handbook provides terrific supplemental sources and information to take back to our libraries. This was the ‘pick me up’ that I needed. Thanks for a wonderful day!”
- Tammie Celi, Library Media Teacher

“This was the most entertaining and informative seminar I’ve attended. I left with so many good ideas to use right away and the inspiration to use them. Thank you!”
- Karen Leinenkugel, Librarian

“I recommend this seminar if you are looking for practical hands-on ideas for running a successful library program. Deborah is entertaining and informative.”
- Shelagh Smith, Library Director

“This was a super seminar! Deborah is a fantastic speaker and full of knowledge. I learned so much! She made it fun and her resources are great!”
- Lori Blanscet, Librarian, PreK-5th Grade

“Great seminar! Learned a lot to take back to my library. The handbook is well organized and will be a great reference for the future.”
- Maryanne Hunt, Library Aide

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It was so informative and covered the material I need to run the library.”
- Mary Maples, School Media Tech