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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Matt Yarkosky is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter who strives to give practical strategies to teachers, teacher-leaders, principals, and other building leaders on ways to ensure full implementation of the Common Core State Standards. He has presented at both regional and national conferences and has worked with several English/language arts staffs on helping them align their practice with the standards. His work includes working with entire departments and schools on curriculum, common assessments, pacing guides, data analysis and research-based practices. He also works with struggling teachers and those most likely to resist change and helps support them through the transition the building undertakes as it implements the Common Core State Standards.

He is an experienced teacher, teacher-leader, and administrator who has taught English and social studies at both the middle and high school levels. He is a National Board Certified Teacher and has served as a department chair for English and social studies subject areas as well as an administrator at both the middle and high school levels. He is the author of the handbook for this NEW, two-day, INTENSIVE COMMON CORE STATE LITERACY STANDARDS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE: Helping Every Student Meet and Exceed the Rigorous COMMON CORE STATE LITERACY STANDARDS (Grades 6-12).

Matt is known for being energetic, practical, and caring. You will leave this institute inspired and touched by Matt’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching and leading, as well as having a wealth of practical, highly effective strategies for the successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards in reading and writing.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I have a much better understanding of the Standards and I came away with some practical ways to make sure I am incorporating them into my lessons.”
- Jennifer Van Zandt, Teacher

“Matt knows how to turn the theoretical into the practical. From this seminar, I now know what practical steps I can take in my classroom to ensure a smooth transition to the Common Core literacy standards.”
- Mary White, Teacher

“Extremely beneficial! I am leaving with a wealth of information that I look forward to presenting to my faculty.”
- Chad Brindle, Teacher

“I am excited about some of the creative ways I can incorporate the CCSS in my English classroom.”
- Edward Blake, Teacher

Very helpful. Really like the resources matt provided.”
- Joe Goard, Teacher

“Matt shares numerous resources that will help any secondary teacher incorporate the standards into their subject matter lessons.”
- Teri Walker, Teacher

“Matt is energetic, enthusiastic and keeps the pace of the day moving. He knows how to hold his audience’s attention!
- Charlotte Wengle, Teacher

“Matt gave me a number of great ideas on how to create engaging units aligned with the Common Core literacy standards.”
- Valerie Tindal, Teacher