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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Lynn Stenroos is an enthusiastic presenter, but most importantly, she is an outstanding fifth grade teacher. Lynn is passionate about using the latest instructional tools and techniques to help all her fifth graders find academic success. She brings a variety of the latest, cutting‑edge ideas to her audiences, with the goal of enhancing the learning environment and experience of students while at the same time helping teachers work smarter not harder.

Lynn is the author of, What’s NEW in FIFTH GRADE: The Latest Educational Trends, Resources and Strategies to Enhance Your Fifth Grade Classroom Program, the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. She is a dynamic presenter who consistently receives outstanding evaluation scores from her audience. Lynn is known for presenting seminars that are motivating, innovative, practical, and teacher‑friendly.

You will leave this seminar not only with valuable information, tools, resources and techniques, but recharged and confident; ready to put Lynn’s outstanding ideas to immediate use in your own fifth grade classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Lynn is an inspiring teacher – we are all lucky to have her in the education field! Many thanks!”
– Mary Theresea Valleri, 5th Grade Music Teacher

“Outstanding! The time went so fast! I learned so many wonderful, helpful strategies I am excited to put into action!”
– Lisa Grimes, 5th Grade School

Awesome resources! I wish I was a student in Lynn’s classroom! Thank you!”
– Diane Hart, 5th Grade

Fabulous strategies I can really use!”
– Leslie Hadam, 5th Grade Teacher

Fast moving with constant relative information.”
– Dyna Van Allen, 5th Grade Teacher

“Excellent seminar! I now have so many useful and practical ideas that I can easily implement in my classroom.”
– Lisa Eggert, 5th Grade Teacher

Wonderful seminar! These are primary projects and concepts I want to bring to my class!”
– Laurie Ross, Teacher

“I really enjoyed all of the hands-on and practical activities that I can use in the classroom – inspiring ideas for the upcoming school year.”
– Lauran Jordan, 5th Grade ESL/Gifted Teacher

So much information and valuable examples – great solutions to take back and use in my classroom!”
– Kristy Wenberg, Teacher

“Excellent! I cannot wait to implement these concepts. Common Core makes more sense. Lynn provides great resources I can use.”
– Marianne Strzelecki, 5th Grade Teacher

“Wonderful ideas, examples and information – very helpful!”
– Danyele Passalagrea, 5th Grade Teacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. I left with so many great, engaging ideas to take right back to the classroom. This seminar also educated me more on the Common Core Standards which can be difficult to decipher. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas!”               
– Katie Ramsden, 5th Grade Teacher

“Awesome! Thank you for so much spectacular and useful information!”
– Heather Glover, 5th Grade Teacher

“Amazing! As a young teacher I consider myself pretty innovative and I am captivated by Lynn’s presentation – great job!”
– Sherrie Smith, 5th Grade Teacher

“Outstanding seminar! It is a rare occasion that I attend one so good and leave with so many great ideas!”
– Linda Vaudreuil, 5th Grade Teacher