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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

DEBORAH ALLEN WIRTH is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter with dozens of classroom proven strategies and ideas to share with you. With years of teaching experience in Third Grade, her strategies are tried and true and ready for YOU to use. Her unique approach to teaching Third Grade has yielded significantly increased achievement of all her students - from the struggling to the highly capable, and from the vulnerable to the confident. Due to her success with Third Grade students, she has been sharing her teaching and intervention strategies with educators throughout the country. She is also the author of Best Strategies for the Unique Needs of THIRD GRADE Students, the digital resource handbook each participant will receive at this seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

I have never walked away from a seminar with as much information as I did today. Deb is awesome!

“I came away with so many useful strategies and a great plan for putting it all into action.”

Lots of great ideas, activities, and resources I can use with my third graders!”

“I am walking away with so many great ideas.”

“Great seminar! Can't wait to start using what Deb shared today!”

“I have some wonderful new things that I can try out tomorrow with my Third Grade students.”

“Great resources for teaching Third Grade from Deb. You can tell she really understands and enjoys this age group.