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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kristie Krier is an energetic, award-winning second grade teacher who is well known for her fun, highly practical and engaging seminars chock-full of ideas that teachers can use immediately in their own second grade classrooms. Drawing from her classroom experiences, her seminars are filled with “real-life” anecdotes, a clear understanding of what it takes to motivate young students and a strong belief that each student can succeed.

Kristie is the author of Current, Best Strategies for Second Grade: Innovative Tools and Timesaving Ideas to Enhance Your Second Grade Classroom Program, the resource handbook and e-handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Join Kristie for a day filled with innovative, practical ideas and valuable resources and tools ready for immediate use in your own second grade classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Engaging from start to finish! Loved the energy and supportive materials that were shared!”
- Debra Costello, 2nd Grade Teacher

Well worth attending! This seminar was jam-packed with great information for second grade teachers!”
- Jackie Juliette, 2nd Grade Teacher

Wow! Great seminar! I wish all seminars were like this! Kristie is a wealth of information and the ideas and resources she shared are priceless!”
- Jamie Fader, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Love that this was geared just to second grade! Filled with great ideas worth implementing in the classroom!”
- Angela McKelvey, Grade 2 Teacher

“Great seminar! So many fantastic ideas!
- Alexandra Handzus, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Wonderful seminar! Lots of good ideas, activities and websites I can use!”
- Paulette Chiolan, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Kristie is a talented presenter! Lots of great ideas I can actually use in my second grade classroom!”
- Ellie Cordner, 2nd Grade Teacher

Innovative new ideas for reading, writing and math! Kristie is excellent!”
- Christine Ramsay, Teacher

“Awesome seminar with a wealth of activities and resources that are teacher-friendly and classroom-ready!”
- Susan Filinuk, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

“Fantastic seminar! I’m leaving with a multitude of ideas and resources I can use!”
- Megan Richards, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Excellent seminar! Kristie is very upbeat, knowledgeable and inspiring!”
- Lyn Schneider, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Kristie is awesome! She has so much energy for teaching and great ideas! She reminds me how fun teaching can be!”
- Sara Hill, 2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher