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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Gale Pukall is an experienced and current first grade classroom teacher who stays on the cutting-edge of what’s new in educational trends. She is a National Board Certified Teacher who is passionate about helping first grade teachers discover the best, most innovative strategies, tools and ideas to enhance their students’ academic success.

Gale is the author of Current, Best Strategies for FIRST GRADE: Innovative Tools and Ideas, the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Her seminars are fast-paced and full of practical, classroom-tested strategies that are easy to implement in any first grade classroom.

Join Gale for a day filled with innovative ways to increase your students’ learning and acquire key first grade skills and concepts.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Gale was very pleasant and full of engaging ideas. Great seminar!”
- Judy Rostedt, First Grade Teacher

“Awesome! Clearly presented and many great, hands-on tools to take back to my classroom. Thank you!”
- K. Oprondek, First Grade Teacher

“Gale Pukall was fantastic! She brought very realistic, easy-to-implement ideas for a first grade classroom.”
- Amber Laue, First Grade Teacher

“Gale was informative and gave good strategies to use in my own classroom.”
- Alycia Colucci, First Grade Teacher

“Gale was very energetic and full of knowledge for teaching first grade.”
- Sarah Esarey, First Grade Teacher

“Great ideas to take back to the classroom! I cannot wait to try them out!
- Kelly Turner, First Grade Teacher

“Great seminar! A wealth of knowledge.
- Carla Brown, Teacher

“In addition to providing a huge number of resources, the information provided by Gale Pukall has been of far greater value because it will empower children.”
- Antoinette Del Canepo-O’Brien, First Grade Teacher

“Wow! Excellent information and ideas to enhance any first grade program. I cannot wait to incorporate the ideas and share with grade-level peers.
- Kara Johnson, First Grade Teacher

Awesome workshop! I was very happy to have make-and-take.”
- Elizabeth Podolski, First Grade Teacher

“Ms. Pukall is innovative and had outstanding ideas for current needs and trends in first grade. Wonderful!”
- Mary Shepherdson, First Grade Teacher