Using Paired Reading to Help Your Students Become Better Readers: A Training Program for Parents and Classroom Volunteers, Grades 1-6

PD Resource Kit - DVD + Print Resources

About this PD Resource Kit

This easy-to-follow PD Resource Kit takes parents and classroom volunteers through each step of paired reading - a positive practice strategy ideal for use with struggling readers.

Viewers learn how to:

  • use the paired reading strategy correctly with elementary age readers
  • help children increase their reading fluency
  • handle students' mistakes in a positive, nonjudgmental way
  • support and encourage students' independent reading
  • increase children's comprehension of what they've read
  • boost children's confidence in their reading ability and increase their enjoyment of reading

The PD Resource Kit is packed with examples of actual paired reading sessions, so parents and volunteers will have ample opportunity to see this strategy in action.

*Includes a comprehensive facilitators guide, DVD video clips and PD resources

Watch an excerpt from this PD Resource Kit:


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