Strengthening Students' Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Skills: Using Onsets & Rimes and Manipulation of Text to Strengthen Your Students' Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Skills, Grades 1-2

PD Resource Kit - DVD + Ptint Resources

About this DVD PD Resource Kit

Text manipulation and a focus on common rimes (word families) strengthen students' phonics skills – reinforcing letter-sound relationships and vowel-consonant patterns – and enhance students' phonemic awareness. Viewers discover how this set of proven teaching strategies enables learners to independently approach new words in their reading and writing with a higher degree of decoding and spelling accuracy.

Viewers learn how to:

  • effectively use matching, scrambling, and substituting activities with print to strengthen students' phonics skills
  • boost students' independence in reading and spelling by reinforcing rimes as key phonetic patterns
  • prompt students in ways that encourage concentration and self-correction
  • create a special word wall based on rime patterns...a classroom literacy reference students will really use
  • put cutting-edge brain research to work in classroom reading and writing programs

*Includes a comprehensive facilitators guide, DVD video clips and PD resources

Watch an excerpt from this PD Resource Kit:


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