Maximize Your Students' Growth in Writing and Reading: Using Modeled Writing To Maximize Your Students' Growth In Writing And Reading, Grades K-1

PD Resource Kit - DVD + Print Resources

About this PD Resource Kit

The modeling in this PD Resource Kit incorporates a multi-leveled array of literacy learning within an interactive setting rich in student involvement.

Viewers will see students at a variety of literacy levels learning together as the modeling process reinforces elements of phonemic awareness, phonics skills, conventions of print, extension of text, uses of descriptive language, and other key reading and writing techniques.

Viewers learn how to:

  • artfully use a daily model to boost the literacy of ALL students
  • load each model with multiple levels of learning so that ALL students are engaged and growing in literacy
  • generate meaningful topics for modeling with students every day of kindergarten and first grade
  • incorporate techniques that meet the special needs of emergent writers and readers
  • involve every student in taking topics from conception to completion

*Includes a comprehensive facilitators guide, DVD video clips and PD resources

Watch an excerpt from this PD Resource Kit:


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