Making Inclusion More Successful: Practical Classroom Learning Strategies, Grades K-6

PD Resource Kit - DVD + Print Resources

About this DVD PD Resource Kit

This  PD Resource Kit is packed with straightforward strategies that enhance student learning in inclusive elementary classrooms. Anne Beninghof, an expert in the area of special education, demonstrates and explains an array of classroom proven techniques that work well for students and their teachers. Teachers in inclusive classrooms need a large repertoire of instructional strategies and practice activities in order to address a wide range of learning needs. Viewers will observe an abundance of simple, effective strategies and techniques that reflect sound learning theory and current knowledge about children's varying learning styles.

Viewers learn how to:

  • include all students, "regular education" students and those with significant disabilities, in classroom lessons and activities
  • address a variety of student learning needs with engaging, classroom proven techniques
  • easily incorporate tactile and kinesthetic strategies into instruction and practice
  • make excellent use of simple props and easily constructed instructional materials to increase student motivation and focus
  • select strategies that best address the learning styles of groups of students or individual students within the classroom
  • modify instructional materials to meet students' unique needs -- in a practical way!
  • maximize student attention and involvement during whole group, small group and independent learning activities without spending lots of money or lots of time

*Includes a comprehensive facilitators guide, DVD video clips and PD resources

Watch an excerpt from this PD Resource Kit:


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