Co-Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms: Effective Small Group Structures and Strategies, Grades K-6

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This course is designed to help elementary co-teachers strengthen their small group instruction. The program explains and demonstrates four different co-teaching structures, or models, for effective small group lessons and activities. Within each structure, participants will see different strategies that successfully address the needs of students with disabilities.

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate and explain different ways co-teachers can structure small group instruction to take advantage of having two experienced educators in the classroom. In addition, participants will observe a variety of instructional strategies that address the needs of students with disabilities and engage all learners, grades K-6.

You will learn how to:

  • successfully use four different models of small group instruction to increase student achievement
  • strategically differentiate lessons and activities in inclusive classrooms
  • implement a variety of engaging instructional strategies ideally suited to small, flexible group settings
  • directly address the predominant learning styles of students with special needs
  • boost student learning and active involvement within small group lessons and activities

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How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9087


"So practical and and helpful! No matter where you are in your teaching career BER workshops and courses never disappoint! This was the first online course I've taken. The format  the real-life videos  the action plan and resources...everything so helpful in understanding and applying the material in a practical and comprehensive way. Thank you for a very informative and motivating course!"
             - L. O'Connor

"I now have a bag of tools to employ to make my students' learning environment more effective, a plan to pre-inform support staff with simple written instructions, and a note-book for them to record observations when appropriate.  "
              - K. Dowling

"The videos helped me see what was going on and helped me understand the lessons better. Thanks!"
            - C. McCasland

"I appreciated the video clips of the implementation of each of the co-teaching models. It is so helpful to see them in action rather than just reading about it."
            - D. Bertetto

"I have found this online course very inforamative and the perfect way to end my summer. Its got me thinking about how I can make better use of the teachers and paraprofessionsls in my classroom. I found the format very user-friendly."
            - K. Maslan

"This course was easy to follow and clearly presented. There were many great ideas introduced with new activities for employing and applying in the classroom for more effective teaching of all students. "
            - J. Avilla

"Very well organized and easy to follow. The short clips are engaging and easy to watch  whereas some lengthy video would require bigger chunks of time  and these can be easily accessed one at a time when time allows."
            - J. Mccomish


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