Co-Teaching Strategies that Maximize the Instructional Impact of Inclusion Classrooms, Grades 6-12

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Course Objective/Goals

This course takes you inside the classrooms of experienced co-teachers to demonstrate the power of co-teaching to maximize learning for all students in middle and high school inclusion classrooms. You will observe co-teaching approaches that truly utilize the strengths of both teachers to increase student involvement and further enhance student achievement in grade 6-12 classrooms.

This course contains an overview of essential elements of effective Level Two co-teaching and highlights the imortance of having strategies for organizing and managing group work. The majority of the course contains examples of co-teachers using flexible grouping and differentiating instruction to create engaging learning environments in secondary inclusion classrooms.

You will learn how to:

  • Plan instruction formally and “on-the-spot” to the benefit of all students
  • Creatively organize students for small group instruction within the regular classroom, grades 6-12
  • Monitor and manage group work to increase student engagement and make effective use class time
  • Target instruction by addressing specific learning needs and styles
  • Maximize the effectiveness of co-teaching by tapping the creativity and instructional skills of both educators in grade 6-12 classrooms
  • Develop and maintain healthy co-teaching relationships

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9088


"I found the course to be very practical in its approach to co-teaching in inclusion classes. The suggestions offered are definitely user-friendly in that I can clearly see how my colleagues and I can implement the strategies shared by other regular education and special education teachers. My next step will be to encourage others in our inclusion program to consider the possibilities for our classes if we incorporate these Co-Teaching techniques."
              - C. Irish

"This was a very informative course that should be required of ALL teachers!"
              - R. Owens

"This was very helpful to my Co-Teacher and I as we just began co teaching in August and you have given us a great framework! thank you!!!!"
              - G. Houk

"Very informative. Easy to follow format."
              - D. Fillman


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