PD Resource Kits 

Literacy Resources for Teachers Supporting Grades K-6

Current, Best Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension: Predicting and Inferring, Visualizing, and Determining Important Content in Informational Text, Grades K-2 - PDKIT
In this comprehensive PD Resource Kit, exemplary teachers demonstrate research-based strategies that strengthen young students' understanding of text. Participants will see how to teach six specific comprehension processes that are key to primary students' ongoing literacy growth.

Instructional Strategies for Guided Reading that Enhance Students' Reading Comprehension, Grades 3-6 - PDKIT
Linda Hoyt and other exceptional teachers demonstrate a variety of powerful instructional strategies ideally suited to guided reading lessons in grades 3-6. The teaching strategies featured in this training program focus students' attention on key concepts, important details and underlying themes. They strengthen students' ability to comprehend and enjoy increasingly sophisticated text.

Teaching Students to Comprehend More Deeply, Grades 3-5 - PDKIT
This PD Resource Kit focuses on strategic ways teachers can provide essential instruction and guided practice to help students read closely, think deeply about texts, and participate in thoughtful discussions. The program demonstrates a variety of highly effective strategies and activities that can easily be implemented in any approach to reading instruction, grades 3-5.

Vocabulary Strategies That Boost Students' Reading Comprehension, Grades 2-6 - PDKIT
This PD Resource Kit takes you inside intermediate grade classrooms where teachers are using outstanding strategies to expand the reading vocabularies of their students. Straightforward, practical and flexible, these strategies are well suited to busy classroom learning programs and effective across a wide range of subject areas and words.