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Increasing Students' Mindfulness, Perseverance and Motivation Using Exemplary Children's Literature (Grades K-6)
presented by Jennifer Medina
LIBRARY CENTERS/MAKERSPACES: Creating More Engaging Learning Spaces in Your School LIBRARY (Grades K-12)
presented by Crystal Trice
MAKERSPACES: Creating Motivating, Engaging Work Spaces for Your LIBRARY
presented by Tricia Kuon
What's NEW for SCHOOL LIBRARIES: Best NEW Tools, Resources and Strategies for Creating an Exemplary SCHOOL LIBRARY Program
presented by Linda Dougherty
What's NEW in Children's Books and Creative, Powerful Strategies to Use Them in Your Program - 2022 -
presented by Deborah Salyer
What's NEW in Children's Books and Strategies, Tools, and Resources for Using Them in Your Program (Grades K-6) -2022-
presented by Christina Dorr

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