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Deborah Roberts is a dynamic, creative world language educator who has enthusiastically shared innovative ideas, strategies and activities for enhancing students' achievement of world language proficiency for many years. She has extensive experience that spans 35 years and ranges from local classroom teaching to district curriculum development and statewide responsibilities. Her leadership in the field of foreign language education was recognized by the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages when she was awarded the Mead Leadership Fellowship.

Deborah's seminars are best known for being fast‑paced, interactive, practical, and humorous. Participants in her seminars consistently give her outstanding evaluations and praise not only her ability to explain things clearly and concisely, but also her understanding of the everyday challenges facing world language teachers.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

I've been to many workshops in my career. This has been among the best. Outstanding presentation on all counts! Thank you!
– Maria Berlec, Spanish Department Chairperson

Excellent ... Useful ... Practical ... Many applicable ideas and activities were shared.”                  
– Barbara Obaker, French Teacher

Excellent, useful activities. Ms. Roberts created a positive learning atmosphere and did a superior job of presenting. Overall 7/7!
– Jim Melady, Latin Teacher

I liked the ‘hands‑on' approach. I'm looking forward to trying Deborah's fun and practical ideas.”    
– Doranne Ceccarelli, French Teacher

At a time when I feel like I've exhausted my creativity, I'm excited to go back and implement these great ideas.”                 
– Sarah Worst, Spanish Teacher

Ms. Roberts is an outstanding presenter in every aspect! Great blend of research information and student‑centered activities! Merci beaucoup!
– Carol Schneider, French Teacher

Deborah is a fantastic, high energy, innovative, fun, and easy‑to‑listen‑to presenter. Her ideas will be useful in REAL classrooms, not just IDEAL classrooms.
– Leslie Smith, Spanish Teacher

The information presented was practical, tried and tested. I know I can use it with all levels of
– Andrea Adkins‑Griffith, Spanish Teacher

Great ideas I can use tomorrow. Deborah practices what she preaches!
– Vicki Antequera, Spanish Teacher

AMAZING! I'm so excited to teach tomorrow! Thank you for the wonderful ideas.”
– Gwynne Gretter, Spanish Teacher

This seminar was one of the most educational and informative that I have attended. Deborah is very creative and full of energy. I plan to use the handbook first thing!
– Leslie Fuscardo, Spanish Teacher

Ms. Roberts thoroughly inspired me with neat, creative, bell‑ringers. I'm an educator of 29+ years and it was terrific to see that an ‘old dog can be taught to perform a new task.' Deborah is sensational!
– Grace Gottuso, Spanish Teacher