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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Dr. Linda Johnson-McClinton is a certified Educational Specialist with more than two decades of experience teaching secondary math. She is known for her dynamic MATH seminars both regionally and nationally. Linda’s passion for math and education is the driving force behind her informative seminars. She serves as a mentor for the “Stay-In-School Mentoring Project” and volunteers at the Governor’s Office of STEM, Innovation and Technology (OSIT) for both the STEM Awareness Committee and the High-Quality STEM Rubric Committee. She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge, experience, and insight on best practices for improving learning and growth in the math classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"This was one of the best PD’s I have ever attended. The information was on point, delivered in a engaging and interactive way. It was wonderful to be able to discuss math topics and struggles with other educators around the country."
– Dara Lombardi, Middle School Math Teacher

"The instructor was wonderful and really kept me engaged and interested in the topics. She really presented the information in a way that will make it easy to reproduce in my classroom."
– Michelle Roux, Math Teacher

"The material was well organized and relevant. The presenter moved quickly, but gave time and freedom for comments and questions."
– Janet Solbakken, Teacher

"Linda was excellent, just like the information she provided. I have learned a lot of valuable information that I definitely plan on bringing back with me to the classroom. Linda was engaging, funny, and extremely knowledgeable about this topic. Thank you for a great seminar!"
– Kayte Snyder, 6th Grade Math Teacher