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JESSICA GRUTTOLA is an outstanding educator, and national presenter, who is known for sharing best practices to improve teaching and learning for all students. Jessica understands the realities of the classroom and the challenges of motivating and engaging distracted, inattentive and unmotivated students. All the strategies Jessica presents are those she has found to be most effective in working with students and educators across the country. Her presentations are well-known for providing practical strategies that can be easily and immediately integrated into the classroom.

Jessica is the author of Increasing Engagement and Mindfulness for Distracted Students (Grades K-12), the comprehensive digital handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Jessica has worked to develop effective teaching and learning strategies with the goal of helping educators incorporate the most effective strategies to improve student engagement and academic success.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"This was such an engaging seminar. Thank you for your time and for reminding me of the skills that need to be followed in order to achieve student success and engagement."

"This seminar was amazing. I feel that the information shared will motivate a lot of our staff or teachers this year!"

"Jessica's seminar was motivating, beneficial and relevant to what teachers and students need."

"Jessica is very informative. Her seminar has excellent content and is a very relevant presentation."