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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Ernie Chapin is especially qualified to present this live online seminar. He has many years of teaching experience, most of those years working with difficult, disruptive and defiant students. He currently works in a juvenile justice center teaching classes with diversion and truancy offenders. His success with these students stands as testament not only of his skills as an educator, but also of his compassion and concern for all students, especially those whom many in society have cast aside.

Ernie has shared his ideas and message with educators throughout the United States. His audiences consistently praise his common sense, practical approach to dealing with difficult, defiant students. Ernie's down to earth style, humor and real life stories make his ideas clear and accessible to the audience. Ernie is also the author of EFFECTIVELY DEALING WITH DISRUPTIVE STUDENTS: Practical, Classroom Proven Techniques, the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

Join Ernie for this thought provoking, practical seminar. You'll leave with proven strategies that you can utilize with your challenging, disruptive and defiant students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Such enthusiasm – thank you – invigorating. Wish I could bottle you up and take you back to my faculty. I am honored to be here today."
– Stacy Johnson, Assistant Principal

"This seminar gave me helpful suggestions that I can implement immediately in the classroom."
Edwina Gordon-Fox, Counselor

"Very enjoyable and uplifting."
Sara Jane Russell, High School Teacher

"Ernie is inspirational and knowledgeable on how to interact with children in a positive manner in order to build success, self-esteem and respect."
Carlene Holt-Gray, Teacher

"This is a great seminar! All teachers should use the techniques Ernie presented."
– Charles Harris, Assistant Principal

"Powerful, useful information."
Andrea Henderson, High School Teacher

"A super seminar! Ernie has a lot of great insight!"
Danielle Schneider, 2nd Grade Teacher

"I am excited to get back and put all these tools to use with my class."
Sara Brubaker, 1st Grade Teacher

"Wonderful job! Ernie's techniques are easy to implement in the classroom."
Emily Young, Teacher

"New as well as veteran teachers will benefit from the information in this seminar."
Jo Odom, High School Teacher

"This is the first seminar I've attended that gives me 'hope' for all kids by learning how behavior can change."
Jennifer Purtell, 3rd Grade Teacher

"Ernie gave many great ideas to take back to my class."
Kiersten Shelton, 5th Grade Teacher

"There are so many strategies that I am excited to take back to school."
Mary Angela McKenzie, 4th Grade Teacher

"I now have useful, new ways to deal with my disruptive students."
Varonia McGee-Hays, 5th Grade Math Teacher