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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

JACKIE BARBER is an experienced Third Grade teacher and Instructional Coach, with particular expertise in matching practical, classroom tested strategies with the needs of her diverse students. Focused on only the best strategies that are proven to support instruction - rather than adding just one more thing to teachers' very busy days - Jackie shares the easy-to-use, non-tech and tech tools perfect for any Third Grade classroom. She incorporates critical strategies into classroom content to help support student engagement and integration of cross-curricular learning. Jackie is a proven expert able to help all educators infuse practical, ready-to-use ideas into their daily instruction. She has taken her expertise of Third Grade and presented to teachers across the nation. Her knowledge is respected and helpful to teachers faced with the challenge teaching a wide range of students. Jackie is also the author of Catching Up THIRD GRADE Students Who Have Fallen Behind, the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"There were so many great ideas. I appreciate that the ideas were usable and relevant."
- Amanda Urrutia-Rayburn, Teacher

"Jackie is amazing. Her pace, knowledge and timing kept this seminar lively and entertaining."
- Mary Gomez, Dual Immersion Teacher

"Thank you for the content, thoughtful ideas, and instruction. I appreciate you sharing your expertise and the plethora of information."
- Victoria Holler, 3rd Grade Teacher

"Jackie is very helpful and is an inspiration. She is passionate about helping us as teachers, as well as our students. What a great way to help us get our 'A game' ready for the year."
- Jessie Raykiewicz, Teacher

"Outstanding presenter. The seminar had great pacing. Material is extremely beneficial. Great learning day."
- Karen Bona, Teacher