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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Mary Ellen Ledbetter is an outstanding English/language arts teacher and national presenter. She is well known for her fast-paced and motivating seminars filled with practical and ready-to-use strategies for grades 6-12. She is the author of many books including Writing Research Projects Activities Kits, Writing Portfolios Kit and Ready-to-Use Daily Language Skills, along with the extensive resource handbook you will receive, Practical Strategies to Strengthen Your Students’ Writing Revision and Editing Skills to Significantly Increase the Quality of Their Writing (Grades 6-12).

Mary will provide you with many new, practical, classroom-proven strategies that will increase your students’ writing skills and strengthen your English/Language Arts program. All of her ideas and techniques can easily be implemented in your classes immediately.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Mary Ellen gave specific and practical ways to take writing to the next level. Each of these exercises are practical, student-friendly and adaptable for any grade level or ability level.”
Megan French, Language Arts Teacher

“Mary Ledbetter is clearly a highly knowledgeable and deeply experienced teacher. The entirety of the seminar was expertly and memorably delivered.”
Charles Bey, Social Studies Teacher

“Fabulous seminar! Tons of practical, easy ideas that can be incorporated into instruction immediately.”
Kristeen Mickey, Special Education Teacher

“I appreciated the astute, specific, classroom-ready strategies. My students will benefit greatly. Thank you so much for the practical, timesaving tricks.”
Kim Irvine, ELA Teacher

“Mary Ledbetter’s seminar was absolutely inspiring for me as a teacher. Thank you for your enthusiasm and teaching from the heart!”
Shelly Chabak, Language Arts Teacher

“Lots of information and strategies that I can use tomorrow. I now have a ton of new practices that I can use for multiple courses and assignments.”
Barbara Buckley, English Teacher

“I loved this. Mary Ellen’s seminar was one of the best I’ve ever attended. For the first time, the strategies are realistic and applicable.”
Ronel Brewer, Teacher

“Mary touched upon everything I needed and some things I didn’t even know I needed. This seminar was great!”
L. Reich, English/Literature Teacher

“Mary Ellen’s sense of humor and knowledge really made this seminar great. I enjoyed the practical examples that can be used for a wide range of students. Thank you!”
Tamara Arrington, Teacher

“This seminar has given me a new perspective. I now have new tools for teaching writing.”
Chris Cody, 6th Grade Teacher