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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

MaryAnn Brittingham is a highly experienced teacher, leading expert in working with students who have challenging behaviors in a variety of settings, and a national presenter on using MINDFULNESS practices in the classroom. MaryAnn is known for her motivational seminars that not only inspire, but give teachers the specific strategies they need to make positive changes to increase students’ success in school, both academically and socially.

She is the author of many books, including Transformative Teaching: Changing Today’s Classrooms Culturally, Academically & Emotionally; Respectful Discipline; and Strengthen Students’ MINDFULNESS: Increase Your Students’ Self-Control While Reducing Anxiety and Challenging Behaviors, the extensive handbook you will receive at the seminar. MaryAnn focuses on practical solutions for helping students be successful in school – socially and academically.

She brings to the seminar not only her extensive knowledge of mindfulness and the science behind it, but strategies and ideas you can use to help your own students understand and use the practices themselves.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This seminar helps put students’ social/emotional needs ahead of dealing with academic and behavior issues. The techniques taught to reduce anxiety and stress are easy and practical to implement.”
Chris D’Anna, Assistant Principal

“Thank you, MaryAnn, for providing a complete approach – from research to specific strategies. You’ve helped me think about the ‘why’ and given me strategies to encourage student buy-in.”
Olivia Todd, Teacher

“MaryAnn gave me a whole new perspective on what mindfulness is and how it can be used in the classroom. She was very insightful on how to apply the strategies she shared.”
Michael Adamiah, Science Instructor

“Fabulous seminar! MaryAnn modeled many strategies to use in the classroom.”
Gail Miller, Teacher

“MaryAnn is kind, knowledgeable and positive. She provided strategies that I will apply not only in my classroom, but in my own life.”
Tamara Tate, Teacher

“This seminar went even deeper than I imagined it would! It was great to focus on teaching students how to advocate for and take care of themselves.”
Bethanne Day, Teacher

“MaryAnn – you are amazing! I was enthralled and engaged the entire day. I’m leaving today full of inspiration!”
Jen Waldeck, Teacher

I liked the practicality of this seminar – I needed the reminder to be mindful of myself. My classes are only going to be as good as I am mindful of my own well-being.”
Karen Urbanik, Math Teacher

Good information for both personal and professional development. The handbook will be helpful for remembering all of the information MaryAnn shared as I implement the ideas in my class.”
Kelsey Mumford, Math Interventionist

“I enjoyed that the seminar addressed the very real possibility of resistance in the classroom as well as the realistic ways that students behave.”
Cassandra Wark, ELA Teacher