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101 Best Strategies for Teaching Social Studies (Grades 6-12)
presented by Christopher Lange
101 Most Powerful Strategies to Enhance SOCIAL STUDIES Instruction (Grades 6-12)
presented by Glenn Wiebe
Best, Cutting-Edge Strategies for FIFTH GRADE
presented by Lynn Stenroos
Best, Most Powerful Strategies for Teaching WORLD LANGUAGES (Grades 6-12)
presented by Bryce Hedstrom
Best, Powerful CO-TEACHING STRATEGIES to Accelerate Student Success
presented by Katy Weber
4‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
Co-Teaching That Works!
2‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
Current, Best Strategies to Identify Reading Problems and Target Instruction to Help Your Struggling Readers Become More Proficient Readers (Grades 1-5)
presented by Jaime Bailey
4‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
DYSLEXIA: Help Children Who Struggle to Successfully Read, Write and Spell (Grades K-6)
presented by Mark Weakland
4‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
GUIDED MATH That Works (Grades K-6)
presented by Guided Math Experts
4‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
GUIDED READING: Differentiating Using Small Group Instruction Grades K-5
MOTIVATING THE UNMOTIVATED: Teaching the Hard-to-Reach Student
presented by Wade McJacobs
2‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
Powerful Strategies for Maximizing COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT in the Target Language
presented by Janice Kittok
SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS: Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Therapy Progress
presented by Allison Cloutier
Strengthen PHONICS Instruction in Any K-2 Reading Program
presented by Karen Krey
3‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
Strengthening the EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS of Students with Specials Needs
TRAUMA-INFORMED Strategies to Support Student Success in the Classroom
presented by Connie Hebert

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