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This event will be presented as a Live Online Event.

Best, Powerful CO-TEACHING STRATEGIES to Accelerate Student Success

Presented by Katy Weber
Experienced Special Education Co-Teacher and Outstanding International Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Grades K-12: General Education Teachers, Special Education Staff, ESL Teachers, and Other Specialists Who Currently Co-Teach or Plan to Co-Teach as Part of Their Schools' Inclusive Practices

(Team attendance encouraged, but not required.)

  • The most up-to-date approaches and best practices to strengthen your co-taught classroom in both in-person and distance learning settings
  • Examples of successful co-teaching options that accelerate students' learning and success in both classroom and distance learning settings
  • Learn how general and special education teachers can work together more successfully to maximize student learning through data-driven specially designed instruction and effective time management
  • Dozens of ideas to strengthen your instruction and partnership in your co-taught classroom

Practical Ideas and Strategies

Students with diverse needs must be challenged to excel within the general curriculum and be prepared for success in their post-school lives. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to partner professionals in the classroom through co-teaching. Co-teaching has the potential to help educators create classrooms that recognize and respectfully address a tremendous range of student diversity by drawing on the expertise of both general and special educators. You will learn practical ways to strengthen your co-teaching team as well as proven ways to incorporate specially designed instruction into your co taught classrooms while helping students with special needs meet or exceed high academic expectations.

In this strategy-packed seminar, experienced co-teacher and co-teaching trainer Katy Weber will share practical ways for defining your roles, planning for and providing instruction that works, and tips for maximizing the value of each team member. By the end of the day, you will walk away with dozens of highly practical, effective strategies and an extensive co-teaching resource handbook to help you achieve your goal of reaching and teaching every student more effectively whether you in teaching in-person or in a distance learning environment.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. More Effectively Address the Unique Needs of Your Students Through Well-Thought-Out Co-Teaching Lessons
    Acquire timesaving strategies to target assessment, data management and progress monitoring to provide specially designed instruction to meet individual educational goals … Ideas for in-person as well as remote and hybrid teachings
  2. Maximize Your Students' Learning Through Effective Co-Teaching Practices
    Learn numerous, highly practical co-teaching approaches and how you can use them in your co-taught classroom … Powerful strategies for developing partnerships between special and general education staff that maximize each teacher's strengths
  3. Develop Growth Mindsets in the Co-Taught Classroom
    Explore practical strategies for developing the growth mindset type of learner … Learn which practices co-educators can use to ensure students develop confidence in themselves as learners and in their learning … Here's how
  4. Incorporate Numerous Tools and Resources to Strengthen Your Specially Designed Instruction
    What works in successful co-teaching situations and how you can adapt to meet your student's needs … Ideas for differentiating, using small group instruction, whole class strategies, and numerous resources you won't want to miss!
  5. Maintain High Expectations in Your Co-Taught Classroom
    Learn innovative ways to keep rigor and relevant priorities in your classroom … Meet the requirements of high standards in a co-taught classroom
  6. Communicate More Effectively in Your Co-Teaching Team
    One of the biggest barriers to successful co-teaching is a lack of communication … Discover strategies for communicating more effectively with your co-teaching partner
  7. Embed Specially Designed Instruction into Your Co-Teaching
    Explore examples and learn to integrate specifically tailored instructional strategies for co-teaching that will ensure students receive the specially designed instruction to achieve the goals of their Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  8. Provide the Most Appropriate Accommodations and Modifications
    Timesaving, collaborative and problem-solving techniques to provide quality accommodations and modifications … Experience both in-person and in distance learning environments numerous, doable strategies that increase learning for students with special needs
  9. Utilize Highly Effective Teaching Strategies that Align with High Academic Expectations
    Learn a variety of research-based, brain-based strategies that you and your co-teacher can use to reach all students and exceed the rigor of high expectations
  10. Receive an Extensive Co-Teaching Digital Resource Handbook
    Each participant will receive the extensive digital resource handbook written specifically for this seminar to help you implement the strategies when you return to your co-taught classroom

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Up-to-date co-teaching strategies with current practices and variations to strengthen your co-taught classroom … Proven ideas for in-person, online and hybrid teaching environments
  • Dozens of ways to incorporate specially designed instructional strategies and activities that can be incorporated into your co-teaching
  • How to attain and maintain the rigor that your state standards require
  • Ways to help your students with special needs take charge of their own learning in your co-taught classrooms
  • Hands-on strategies to increase teacher expertise and build your instructional toolkit to improve student achievement in the co-taught classroom
  • The most useful tools and resources for working together to strengthen your specially designed instruction for students
  • How to maximize the benefits of small groups with research-based instructional strategies
  • Proven ways to boost student learning and active involvement using specially designed instruction whether in-person, online or in a hybrid learning environment
  • Practical solutions for challenges faced with IEP modifications, lesson planning, progress monitoring, re-teaching, meeting academic expectations, and balancing professional roles in the classroom
  • Up-to-date techniques to adapt, enrich and modify your instruction to meet high academic expectations
  • Ways to build on what you currently have in place in your co-taught classroom by targeting what your students really need and what you and your co-teacher can realistically add or change
  • Clear examples of how co-teaching can work effectively at all grade levels
  • Specific ideas for defining roles between co-teachers
  • Timesaving ideas for motivating, engaging and empowering your students
  • Ways co-teachers can more effectively address state-specific standards

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

"Surrender the Me for We." This was the introduction that I was given the day I stepped foot into our co-taught classroom. My educational career has been spent as a co-teacher and co-teaching mentor who is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of extremely diverse students. Co-teaching has broadened my own skills, made it easier to expand my teaching styles. It has provided my students with a richer and more effective learning experience. I've learned what works, what pitfalls to avoid, what's practical and realistic, and what practices are ineffective and undermine the necessity to address diverse student needs. Throughout the day I will be sharing proven ideas that work for in-person as well as online and hybrid teaching environments.

Having a repertoire of highly effective instructional strategies to match the necessary specially designed instruction students need will make your job as a co-teacher much easier! As a co-teacher and a school improvement specialist, I have witnessed the success stories of victorious co-teaching teams and students who thrive with engaging and targeted instruction. I look forward to sharing with you many proven and research-based co-teaching practices that embed specially designed instructional strategies to accelerate student achievement!

My commitment to you is that whether you are teaching in-person, online or in a hybrid learning environment, you'll leave with ideas you can use immediately. You will leave this seminar with dozens of effective instructional strategies for accelerating student achievement and decreasing the achievement gap of students with special needs.

Katy Weber

P.S. This seminar has been designed for K-12 educators. There will be many practical ideas for all levels.

Who Should Attend

Grades K–12: General Education Teachers, Special Education Staff, ESL Teachers, and Other Specialists Who Currently Co-Teach or Plan to Co-Teach as Part of Their Schools' Inclusive Practices

About BER Live Online Events

With the current health challenges, all BER in-person PD events are currently being presented in a Live Online format:

  • Outstanding Instructors
    All programs are led by outstanding BER national trainers
  • Extensive Resource Handbooks
    You'll have access to an extensive digital Resource Handbook before, during and after your seminar
  • Highly Interactive
    You'll be able to ask questions in real time and interact with the instructor and other participants
  • Program Guarantee
    As we have for 43 years, we guarantee the high quality of our programs. If you are not satisfied, we'll give you a 100% refund.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Co-Teaching Digital Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive co-teaching digital resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:

  • Critical components of co-teaching
  • Instructional strategies on differentiated instruction, explicit instruction and specially designed instruction
  • Ideas for creating a learning environment to accelerate student achievement
  • A bibliography of materials and websites related to strategy instruction, teaching and learning strategies, etc.
  • Guidelines for adapting the content, methodology and delivery of instruction
  • Interactive worksheets that will allow time for collaboration with participants

Consultation Available
Katy Weber will be available for consultation regarding your questions and the unique needs of your own program.

Semester Credit Option
Brandman University Logo Up to four graduate level professional development credits are available with an additional fee and completion of follow-up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at this BER program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
Participants of both the Live Online Seminar and those completing the Recorded Version online can receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify five continuing education hours. State CEUs are available for both versions of the course. For specific details, visit www.ber.org/ceus.

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