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Apr 6, 2021
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This event will be presented as a Live Online Event.

Guiding Pre-K and Kindergarten Students to Better Behavior and Increased Learning

Presented by Deborah Hazelton
Outstanding Educator and Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Pre-K Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators working with Young Children

  • Practical ideas to more easily guide your students toward better behavior
  • Guiding students to increased learning at school and online
  • Innovative techniques for guiding students to better engagement in learning
  • Powerful practices to capture the attention of your students and maintain focus on learning

Practical Ideas and Strategies

The school readiness gap is real and expanding. Young children in Preschool and Kindergarten don't always come to us ready to learn. Yet, we meet them as they are and begin to teach them to "do school" as they become introduced to so many new academic and social routines, skills and information. How do we balance all this new learning while also helping our students develop or maintain their natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn?

Classroom and online learning spaces excel when they come alive with opportunities to practice learning in all disciplines while simultaneously guiding young children to better behavior and higher levels of learning. By attending this NEW seminar, you will learn how to better guide your students into more learning, better behavior resulting in new levels of engagement and genuine participation. In this fast-paced one-day seminar, you will learn innovative tips and ideas for creating a more streamlined early learning experience where the need for standard discipline is significantly minimized, leaving you with a feeling of rediscovering the joy in teaching.

Plan to leave this seminar inspired by Deborah's success stories and her wonderful sense of humor to keep it all in perspective. Join your colleagues and Deborah Hazelton in a day filled with dozens of practical strategies to help your Pre-K and Kindergarten students reach higher levels of engagement, better behavior, and increased learning.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Promote On-Task Behavior
    Promote more on-task behavior with practical and realistic strategies that help students' focus their attention on the right things during class both at school and online
  2. Decrease the Need for Student Discipline
    Learn classroom-tested effective ways to significantly decrease the need for reactive discipline with Pre-K and Kindergarten students
  3. Foster Greater Success with Ideas to Lead Students to Better Behavior
    Setting up better opportunities for learning with and from peers will show measurable results with young children … Learn tips and practical strategies you can use immediately
  4. Increase Your Students' Focused Attention with an Easy-to-Implement Guiding Strategy
    Encourage your young students to maintain their focus … Prevent unnecessary distractions
  5. Guide Students to Higher Levels of Engagement Whether You Are Teaching In-Person or Online
    Learn classroom-tested methods and multimedia resources to increase your Pre-K and Kindergarten students' interest in learning
  6. Use Your Students' Natural Curiosity to Enhance Active Participation
    Help students find their positive voice and learn how to direct and guide them down the path of higher levels of participation … Watch your lessons result in more interest and higher engagement
  7. Explore Engaging Hands-on Learning Ideas That You Can Use In-Person or Online
    Young children discover elements of content easier and faster with hands- on activities … Help your students learn better and retain content better through innovative ideas for guiding discovery learning
  8. How to Guide Your Students Toward a Growth Mindset
    Discover creative ways to help your young learners overcome the challenge of learning small and large motor skills … Enhance this critical early learning skill while developing the early stages of a growth mindset
  9. Enhance Your Classroom or Online Environment to Incorporate More Play into Your Day
    Incorporating opportunities for play into your students' day will lead to better behavior and focus … Learn several effective ways to add play to your curriculum to create opportunities for guiding more appropriate behavior and increase learning
  10. Receive an Extensive Digital Resource Handbook
    Each participant will receive an extensive digital resource handbook packed with practical ideas and strategies you can use immediately to guide your Pre-K and Kindergarten students to higher levels of engagement, better behavior, and increased learning whether you are working in-person or online

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Explore hands-on learning for a higher level of engagement with young learners
  • How to start independent inquiry with young learning … Find out about bags and bugs
  • Help your students overcome the challenge of developing small and large motor skills
  • Learn how to build better routines for a more predictable environment
  • High-interest content lessons that promote high levels of engagement
  • How to utilize SCAMPER as a tool to help students generate ideas and develop creativity
  • Group investigation model of teaching leads to higher levels of student-centered learning
  • Implement a strategy of scholarly behaviors to guide more learning and reduce discipline issues
  • How to incorporate more play into your day for better engagement and learning
  • Practical strategies to set students up for greater early success at school and online
  • Tap into student curiosity by using hot topics of interest
  • How to hook students into more focused learning
  • Discover online apps to engage families in guiding better engagement, behavior and learning

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

I have a deep passion for teaching early learning and making the classroom come alive with activity, language, number, self-management, and social skill development. My seminar is based on practical classroom-tested knowledge drawn from my many years of experience teaching young children in Pre-K and Kindergarten combined with proven research in the field of Early Childhood Education. I am dedicated to the idea of guiding young students to their greatest possible success!

Expectations have changed dramatically for beginning learners over time and so many academic skills have found their way into our Pre-K and Kindergarten programs. I am committed to the idea that this movement does not diminish the importance of play, conversation, time to explore, and discovery learning. In this seminar, I will share my many tried and true ideas on how to integrate the disciplines of reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science in a way that creates a learning environment with minimal behavioral disruptions and much higher levels of student participation and engagement in learning. I want to share with you the best practices and ideas to guide your students toward school success.

In this unique one-day seminar, I have selected the practices and strategies that have worked for me and many peers in the field of Pre-K and Kindergarten. These classroom-tested methods will help you improve the important foundational school experience for with your students. Everything that I will share will be practical, meaningful and easy to weave into your current program. Spend a day with me and get energized to try new ideas tomorrow! My greatest joy is being able to give back to fellow educators, the ideas that have worked for me. You are so special because you build the foundation for the children of tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Deborah Hazelton

P.S. The emphasis of this seminar will be on practical and proven strategies that will help you guide your Pre-K and Kindergarten students to better behavior and increased learning!

Who Should Attend

Pre-K Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators working with Young Children

About BER Live Online Events

With the current health challenges, all BER in-person PD events are currently being presented in a Live Online format:

  • Outstanding Instructors
    All programs are led by outstanding BER national trainers
  • Extensive Resource Handbooks
    You'll have access to an extensive digital Resource Handbook before, during and after your seminar
  • Highly Interactive
    You'll be able to ask questions in real time and interact with the instructor and other participants
  • Program Guarantee
    As we have for 43 years, we guarantee the high quality of our programs. If you are not satisfied, we'll give you a 100% refund.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Digital Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive digital resource handbook giving you access to countless strategies before, during and after the seminar. The handbook includes:

  • Activities to use to build thinking skills whether working in-person or online
  • List of easy centers to spark interest
  • Hands-on activities in math, and science perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten students
  • Early motor skill development activities
  • List of technology supports, sites and apps for Pre-K and Kindergarten students you can use whether you are working in-person or online

Share Ideas with Other Educators
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to share ideas with other educators interested in increasing the behavior and learning of their students.

Consultation Available
Deborah Hazelton will be available to answer your specific questions and the unique needs of your own program.

Semester Credit Option
Brandman University Logo Up to four graduate level professional development credits are available with an additional fee and completion of follow-up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at this BER program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
Participants of both the Live Online Seminar and those completing the Recorded Version online can receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify five continuing education hours. State CEUs are available for both versions of the course. For specific details, visit www.ber.org/ceus.

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