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This event will be presented as a Live Online Event.

What's NEW for SCHOOL LIBRARIES: Best NEW Tools, Resources and Strategies for Creating an Exemplary SCHOOL LIBRARY Program

Presented by Linda Dougherty
Outstanding Teacher-Librarian and Presenter

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Specifically Designed for School Librarians/Media Specialists, Library Aides and Technology Specialists Serving Grades K-12

  • What's NEW for school library/media centers: 101 most current strategies, resources and tools to build an exemplary school library program with proven ideas for both in class, online and hybrid teaching
  • Best NEW interactive digital tools and tips to build creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills into student learning whether you are working with students in-person or online
  • Proven methods for improving student research using the best search strategies that supports digital citizenship and effective use of technology
  • How to build an optimal online learning community with high levels of student safety, innovation, communication, and learning

Practical Ideas and Strategies

School librarians are no longer just the "keeper of the books." They are now considered academic collaborative instructors and expert professional development leaders for developing 21st Century competency skills with students and teachers. In this NEW, timely, highly practical seminar, Linda Dougherty will share how to create an effective, multi-faceted exemplary school library program.

Linda will share proven ways to design creative collaborative projects, leverage social media and better advocate for your students and your school library. Linda will share practical ways to make the best uses of the latest updates of Google and Microsoft tools along with other cutting-edge technology in your school library or in a distance learning environment. In addition, you will explore NEW trends such as curating, social and emotional learning, video instruction, podcasting, virtual tours, and more with hands-on exploration time.

You will leave Linda's seminar with a detailed handbook and access to online resources to advance your school library program to the next level.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. What's New for School Libraries: Best New Ideas to Help You Create an Exemplary School Library Program
    Receive more than 101 of the best current tools, resources and strategies to create an exemplary school library program … Advance your school library program forward into the best current model that effectively promotes student learning
  2. Explore the Latest Interactive Technology Tools to Support Digital, Media and Information Literacies
    Effectively use interactive tools for blogs, podcasting, video conferencing, digital storytelling, image creation, and more. Learn innovative ways to use these tools to increase student learning with digital, media and information literacy resources whether working with students at school or online
  3. Discover new Ways to Engage Your Students in Your Content and Resources using Google and Microsoft in a Hybrid or Online Distance Learning Approach
    Find out how the latest Google and Microsoft applications can change instruction from static to dynamic student learning … Discover ways to collaborate on projects with students and teachers
  4. Create Student Learning Centers to Support Reading, Research Strategies and Student Individualized Learning
    Design safe, student learning center kits that can be individualized for student use in the library or shared in their classrooms … Add learning centers for all ages to use online or take home projects that students can accomplish at home
  5. Support Social and Emotional Learning for Students in This Challenging Educational Time
    Students will need support during this time of change in schools, any will need help learning how to handle online learning, the loss of their usual social times with friends, and stress at home … Take-away ideas and resources to share with teachers and administrators
  6. Learn What You Can Do Now to Make Your School Library Future Ready
    Discover ways to incorporate the eight key components of the Future Ready Librarians Framework to enhance your existing library program and support the digital transformation of learning
  7. Increase Student Success and Accountability in Online and Hybrid Learning Environments
    Implement formative assessment methods that easy and fun for students to use. Support teachers with information literacy and research strategies that are timely and grade level appropriate
  8. Explore the NEW Trends in Library Curation
    More efficiently select, organize and share digital resources and tools to build a diverse and equitable collection. Use NEW online curation tools to create websites.  Discover FREE resources for students and teachers
  9. Discover the NEWEST Digital Citizenship Resources
    Learn ways to teach digital citizenship that supports online learning. Build a collection of resource search strategies that prepare students to be responsible and effective users of technology
  10. Receive a Comprehensive School Library Media Digital Resource Handbook
    Leave with an extensive school library digital resource handbook filled with 101 of the newest, most current ideas, strategies and materials for strengthening and enhancing your school library program whether you are working at school or online

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • What's NEW for school librarians … More than 100 of the best, current strategies, tools and resources for in-class, online and hybrid teaching
  • Practical and safe ways to make sure your school library is ready for connecting students with books, the main focus of school libraries everywhere
  • The latest updates on Google and Microsoft tools, especially Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams, to share with students in a dynamic learning environment
  • Best digital tools and tips to enhance instruction to include search strategies, project based learning, and successful student learning in-school, online or in a hybrid learning environment
  • Current digital citizenship resources integrated into instructional content by collaborating with classroom teachers for best student learning practices
  • Curate online resources to expand your collection for lesson plans and research using Wakelet, Google Sites, and more
  • Create online videos to share books with students to include book talks, scavenger hunts, choice menus, and more
  • New safe ways to connect your students globally with people outside of their classroom walls using Flipgrid, Google Meet, and Zoom
  • How to better facilitate personalized professional development for staff using flipped learning, personalized instruction and curated online resource collections
  • Communication tools to use with parents to increase their participation in their student's online learning and success
  • NEW trends in library programs including augmented and virtual reality, podcasting, coding, digital portfolios, and more

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

We are looking into a changing future for our schools. What will your library look like in the next few months or year? Do you need ideas on how to support your buildings instructional goals while keeping your school library as a recognized, valuable part of learning for your students? Are you overwhelmed with how to add new trends while keeping the best practices that work for your school? I totally understand your concerns on where to start from my years as a district library chair plus high school and elementary librarian positions. Keeping up with the changes in school libraries today means I'm always learning and sharing. Let me share with you the very latest resources needed to create the best school library program in step-by-step guided seminar.

During our time together, I will offer you practical, hands-on guided sessions during the day to answer your questions for your changing library program. We will take time to share with each other best practices that are working now and learn about new ideas to take back to your schools. I plan on taking you step-by-step on outlining and building a library program that will meet your needs for now and the future. By the end of our fast moving day, you will have many innovative ideas, as well as a fresh perspective on how you can make these tools and strategies work for you.

Just so you will have everything you need when you finish your day, I have also created a digital tote bag to accompany the seminar and handbook, so that you won't have to type in the URLs. Your online handbook will also be available to review seminar ideas. Best of all, as I find new tools, or old ones disappear, you will still have the best resources in your digital folders. In addition, I am always available to you through email, to provide support after the seminar and to answer any questions.

Join me for this fast-paced, idea-packed day as we discover together all the exciting resources to enrich your school library programs. Whether your school is in-person, online or in a hybrid learning format you'll leave with numerous ideas you can use right away.

Linda J. Dougherty

P.S. As a veteran school librarian, I understand the extra effort it requires to take time away from your library, I promise you that our day learning together will be well worth your time and effort to attend.

Who Should Attend

School Librarians/Media Specialists, Library Aides and Technology Specialists Serving Grades K-12

About BER Live Online Events

With the current health challenges, all BER in-person PD events are currently being presented in a Live Online format:

  • Outstanding Instructors
    All programs are led by outstanding BER national trainers
  • Extensive Resource Handbooks
    You'll have access to an extensive digital Resource Handbook before, during and after your seminar
  • Highly Interactive
    You'll be able to ask questions in real time and interact with the instructor and other participants
  • Program Guarantee
    As we have for 43 years, we guarantee the high quality of our programs. If you are not satisfied, we'll give you a 100% refund.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Digital Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive school library digital resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar.
The handbook includes:

  • New trends in school library programs
  • Easy-to-implement ideas to create a school library program plan that matches your goals for student learning in-person and online
  • Digital resources to support students using the 4C's of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking
  • Lists of video tutorials, blogs, social media groups, and more from experts in the school librarian field

Consultation Available
Linda Dougherty will be available to answer your specific questions and the unique needs of your own program.

Semester Credit Option
Brandman University Logo Up to four graduate level professional development credits are available with an additional fee and completion of follow-up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at this BER program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
Participants of both the Live Online Seminar and those completing the Recorded Version online can receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify five continuing education hours. State CEUs are available for both versions of the course. For specific details, visit www.ber.org/ceus.

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